Lynn Britt Receives National And State Recognition For Public Service In Accounting

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Lynn M. Britt, CPA, J.D. has received two prestigious honors by esteemed organizations in the professional accounting and legal communities.

The American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA) has awarded Lynn M. Britt, CPA, J.D. the National Public Service Award. Ms. Britt was presented the award on June 26, 2014, during the National Women’s Accounting and Leadership Conference in Morristown, New Jersey. The annual Public Service Award recognizes a member of AWSCPA who provides a significant contribution of time and talent to the public outside the accounting profession to improve the quality of a community.

Ms. Britt was also honored at the 2014 Annual Florida Bar Convention in Orlando, Florida, by Elisa Roy, Chair of the Florida Bar Family Law Section. Ms. Britt was recognized for her invaluable contributions and countless hours spent “protecting Florida’s families during the 2014 legislative session.”

Ms. Britt has become intimately involved in the campaign to combat radical reform of the alimony and child support laws in Florida. Over the past year, the Florida State Legislature has reviewed amendments to child support and alimony bills. These amendments could have dramatically changed the structure of support payments, which Ms. Britt fervently believed could unfairly impact women and undermine the family unit.

Recognizing these risks, Ms. Britt started on a mission to educate attorneys, accountants, and other key individuals about the impact of this proposed legislation through email campaigns and speaking engagements. Ms. Britt also testified for the Senate Rules Committee. In the end, Governor Scott of Florida vetoed the bill that had been passed by the legislature.

“Lynn was one of a number of people who took the time and effort to speak for those who may not have otherwise had a voice,” stated Marcie D. Bour, CPA, president of the Florida Business Valuation Group and President of the South Florida Affiliate of the AWSCPA.

Ms. Britt continues her efforts, working with members of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar. 

About the American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants (AWSCPA)

The AWSCPA is a national organization dedicated to serving all women CPAs and those actively pursuing the designation. The AWSCPA has 25 affiliates located throughout the U.S. For its members, AWSCPA provides:

  • Resources and support for professional and personal development
  • Opportunities for leadership participation, networking and mentoring
  • Visibility and recognition for the organization and its members
  • Leadership in addressing the concerns of women in the accounting profession

If you would like additional information about AWSCPA, visit or contact the national office at (800) AWS-CPA1.

About Lynn M. Britt, CPA, J.D.

Ms. Britt is founder of Britt & Company, P.A. (, a forensic accounting firm specializing in family litigation services, which has served Fort Lauderdale and surrounding communities for nearly three decades. Ms. Britt is also involved in a new venture to launch a web-based service that helps individuals and professionals in family and other litigation handle documents more efficiently, minimizing time and costs associated with document management. In recent years, Ms. Britt has also been recognized by the South Florida Legal Guide as one of the Top CPAs in Litigation Support. In June 2013, Ms. Britt’s efforts were also recognized when she received the Chair’s Award for Outstanding Service and Efforts on Behalf of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar for 2012-2013.

Ms. Britt has been an active member in a number of professional organizations, including the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA), North Dade South Broward Chapter on its Board, the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar on the Support Issues Committee and the Litigation Support Committee.  She participates in the local Bar Association and has taken an active role in the Broward County Matrimonial Lawyers Association. Ms. Britt has also served in a Bar Grievance Committee for the Florida Bar and held various board positions with the Mental Health Association of Southeast Florida. 

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