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Mercedes-Benz has a Powerwall-style battery of its own - Roadshow - April 24, 2017
It's sold through Mercedes-Benz Energy in Europe, and it accomplishes about the same thing as Tesla's own battery solution.
A bigger Silicon Valley Comic Con searches for Planet B - CNET - April 24, 2017
With a wall of March for Science signs outside, techies and sci-fi fans were asking: What can we do?
On a Netflix free trial? A third of you will likely pay up - CNET - April 24, 2017
Nearly one out of three people who try out a video-streaming service during a limited free period end up subscribing, according to new research.
NES Classic on sale at Best Buy today, maybe for the last time - CNET - April 24, 2017
In stores only, the retailer is offering the late, great console before it gets discontinued.
Parents, your phone use is annoying your teens - CNET - April 24, 2017
More than a third of children have asked their parents to get off the internet, saying it disrupts family life, according to a survey.
I went to the March for Science and the signs are troubling - CNET - April 24, 2017
Commentary: Thousands of people marched. But was there a message that will persuade the broad masses?
Get a Dell color laser printer for $74.99 - CNET - April 24, 2017
Or score a monochrome laser for $49.99 or an all-in-one for $139.99! Plus: a seriously sweet Canon camera deal.
Paris says bienvenue to Apple Maps transit mode - CNET - April 24, 2017
La vie est belle when you know where you're going.
Hash browns recalled due to 'golf ball materials' - CNET - April 24, 2017
Commentary: McCain Foods announces that Harris Teeter and Roundy's frozen hash browns might have been contaminated with Titleists.
2017 Honda Civic Type R captures Nurburgring lap record - Roadshow - April 24, 2017
Say hello to the fastest front-wheel-drive car around The Green Hell. 'heartbroken' after being caught selling user data to Uber - CNET - April 24, 2017
After reports emerged it sold customer email data to Uber, inbox clean-up service has issued a true Silicon Valley non-apology.
Parents, your phone use could be annoying your teenagers - CNET - April 24, 2017
More than a third of children have had to ask their parents to get off the internet, with many saying it disrupts family life, according to a survey.
Samsung Galaxy S8 torture test has some shattering results - CNET - April 24, 2017
Device warranty company SquareTrade brings out the big guns to take on the new flagship handset.
Alexa gets promoted to the Premier League with Arsenal FC skill - CNET - April 24, 2017
The leading British football club is letting fans in the UK and US livestream matches through Amazon's home assistant.
Driverless cars to travel between London and Oxford in 2019 - Roadshow - April 24, 2017
The UK government is pouring £13m of fresh funding into self-driving cars in a bid to become a world leader in the technology.
The Space Village and NASA at SVCC 2017 - CNET - April 24, 2017
Space enthusiasts at Silicon Valley Comic Con were treated to exhibits and demos from the likes of NASA, Virgin Galactic and the SETI Institute, honoring the Valley's scientific roots.
'Seinfeld' sounds make Star Wars battles even more fun - CNET - April 23, 2017
Darth Maul's duel in "The Phantom Menace" is much more fun to watch when you think Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer might crash it.
Seinfeld Star Wars: Lightsaber sounds replaced with bass theme - CNET - April 23, 2017
Darth Maul's duel in "The Phantom Menace" is much more fun to watch when you think Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer might crash it.
From Negan to Spider-Man: The impressive cosplay at SVCC 2017 - CNET - April 23, 2017
Cosplayers from the Bay Area show off their impressive craftsmanship at the San Jose Convention Center for the second year of Silicon Valley Comic Con.
Are you lying about having read the 'Lord of the Rings' books? - CNET - April 23, 2017
One-quarter of millennials surveyed say they've read the Tolkien saga when they've only seen the Peter Jackson films.
Fox News and Fox Sports personalities duel on Twitter - CNET - April 23, 2017
Commentary: Sean Hannity is angry. Then Fox Sports' Katie Nolan tweets her extremely caustic shot. This is finger-to-finger combat.
Geek memorabilia for auction at Silicon Valley Comic-Con 2017 - CNET - April 23, 2017
If the cost of getting weapon replicas at SVCC is just chump change, there's always the live auction.
Livestream Mevo cam gets YouTube Live, Android support and 4K capture - CNET - April 23, 2017
App and software updates for the palm-sized live-streaming video camera are available now with final apps arriving this summer.
Tim Cook reportedly threatened to pull Uber from App Store - CNET - April 23, 2017
Apple's CEO was upset over app secretly identifying iPhones, even after the app had been deleted, The New York Times reports.
McCain hash browns recalled due to 'golf ball materials' - CNET - April 23, 2017
Commentary: McCain Foods announces that Harris Teeter and Roundy's frozen hash browns might have been contaminated with Titleists.
Fans of the 'X-Men' universe, 2018 is going to be your year - CNET - April 23, 2017
X marks the calendar in a big way, as "Deadpool 2," "New Mutants" and "Dark Phoenix" all have 2018 release dates.
Trump tweet-threatens imminent end of Obamacare - CNET - April 23, 2017
Commentary: The president wakes up on Sunday morning and tweets a menacing warning.
Why science is searching Earth for the ingredients of alien life - CNET - April 23, 2017
Some experimental biologists think the key components that could allow life to survive beyond our planet might be found right here on Earth.
March for Science goes to Silicon Valley - CNET - April 23, 2017
"What do we want? Science! When do we want it? After peer review!"​ Protesters in tech central call for political choices based on facts, not opinions.
Nerds with words: Signs from Silicon Valley March for Science - CNET - April 23, 2017
At Saturday's March for Science in San Jose, California, thousands marched to promote scientific research and urge policies based on facts, not opinions.
'Happy Days' cast touchingly remembers Erin Moran on Twitter - CNET - April 23, 2017
Those 'Happy Days' just got a little sadder with the death of the actress who played Richie Cunningham's little sister.
How Dish Network could shake up your wireless service - CNET - April 23, 2017
The way your service looks in coming years could rest in the hands of a satellite TV provider. Seriously.
March for Science goes to tech central: ​Silicon Valley - CNET - April 22, 2017
In San Jose, California, thousands of marchers promoted science and called for political choices to be based on facts, not opinions.
American Airlines video shows flight attendant losing it - CNET - April 22, 2017
A clip posted to Facebook shows a member of the flight crew, who allegedly mistreated a female passenger, going all aggro with a man who called him out.
Pono is dead. Probably. Long live Xstream. - CNET - April 22, 2017
Neil Young has announced a new streaming service called Xstream after struggling to build a new digital music store for his Ponoplayer.
Headphone deal: BeatsX wireless earphones are $100 at Best Buy - CNET - April 22, 2017
Best Buy has the black version of Beats' neckband-style Bluetooth sports headphone on sale for $50 off.
Weekend Streaming: 'Bill Nye Saves the World' ready for binge watching - CNET - April 22, 2017
Everyone's favorite science guy is back with a new talk show on Netflix.
Pretty power: Can unicorn frap protect phone in drop test? - CNET - April 22, 2017
Sure, unicorns are magical, but can they save a smartphone from Starbucks' loopy new drink?
Don't be blue: Four 'Avatar' sequels now have release dates - CNET - April 22, 2017
But don't book a ticket for Pandora yet -- the next one isn't until close to Christmas of 2020.
Earth Day means the world to Twitter, even Groot and Iron Man - CNET - April 22, 2017
From NASA astronauts to famous fictional characters, Twitter's message is clear: Love your mother, because there's no Planet B.
Sigourney Weaver goes full Ripley in 'Alien' spoof - CNET - April 22, 2017
In space, no one can hear you laugh, and a dot-matrix printer can be as painful as a facehugger.
Is Comcast's new wireless service right for you? - CNET - April 22, 2017
CNET's Marguerite Reardon offers advice on whether Comcast's new $45 a month Xfinity Mobile service is really a good deal.
Could Harry Styles have been the next young Han Solo? - CNET - April 22, 2017
Did the One Direction singer audition to play a younger version of everyone's favorite Star Wars space smuggler, or is he just pretending to be a scruffy-looking nerf herder?
Here are the epic movie scenes CNET can't forget - CNET - April 22, 2017
Every week we come up with a question to ask people around the CNET offices. This week, it's all about the movie scene that sticks with us the most.
You don't have to be a 'Genius' to like Albert Einstein drama - CNET - April 22, 2017
Ron Howard directs Geoffrey Rush in "Genius", National Geographic's smart, entertaining drama unraveling the passions and politics that shaped Albert Einstein.
Here's how we cracked the back of the new Galaxy S8 - CNET - April 22, 2017
After putting Samsung's latest Galaxy through three different torture tests, the results were better than we expected.
LG G6 vs. Google Pixel XL: Which one's better? - CNET - April 22, 2017
Don't want the Galaxy S8, but can't decide between LG and Google's phones? We'll help.
Sunny days for solar charging - CNET - April 22, 2017
Improved performance and affordability make portable solar chargers an attractive power option when there's no wall outlet in sight.
Will a rear Touch ID sensor stop you from upgrading to the iPhone 8? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 81) - CNET - April 21, 2017
Apple hires Google Satellite execs to work on new hardware, pointing to satellite internet, and more leaked schematics point to a rear Touch iD iPhone.
Feds question their effort to unmask anti-Trump Twitter account - CNET - April 21, 2017
At Sen. Ron Wyden's request, Homeland Security launches an internal inquiry into whether its effort to reveal a Twitter user's identity was improper.