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Kingdom Hearts just became fun again - CNET - Jan 24, 2017
Commentary: If years of Kingdom Hearts spin-offs and semi sequels have tired you out, 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue will rope you right back in.
'Logan' is rated R for real talk (and violence) - CNET - Jan 24, 2017
But, y'know, mainly the violence.
Tekken 7 putting iron fists to faces from June 2 - CNET - Jan 24, 2017
Bears will fight robots and Street Fighter's Akuma will battle Heihachi Mishima for dominance. June is looking wild.
Pokemon Go craze finally hits South Korea - CNET - Jan 24, 2017
The mobile phenomenon has been held back by tight governmental control of Google Maps.
Amazon Echo's new wake word is a gift to Trekkies - CNET - Jan 24, 2017
Make it so, Alexa!
Blame Batman and the Watchmen for Comic Sans - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Find out how superhero comics helped influence the font that everyone loves to hate.
No kidding! Amazon's Alexa no longer tells Trump jokes - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Amazon's virtual assistant says it doesn't know any jokes about President Donald Trump.
Pompeo confirmed as CIA head as Dems raise surveillance concerns - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
The Republican representative from Kansas who'll lead the spy agency has written op-eds calling for more data collection by the federal government.
Verizon claims you don't need an unlimited data plan (T-Mobile laughs) - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Commentary: A new Verizon ad tries to convince customers that data limits are entirely sensible and cost-effective. T-Mobile CEO John Legere accuses Verizon of a midlife crisis.
Samsung said to plan April launch for Galaxy S8 - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Newest flagship handset expected to debut on April 14, according to Forbes.
We are living in the debris field of an ancient asteroid collision - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
An epic crack-up in space almost a half billion years ago remains a major source of the meteorites that smash into our planet today.
Samsung's chips make up for Galaxy Note 7 financial woes - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
The company may be losing billions of dollars from its flawed phone, but it's making a lot of cash from its components business.
Trump names net neutrality foe Ajit Pai to head FCC - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
The FCC commissioner replaces open internet backer Tom Wheeler as chairman of the agency.
5 biggest takeaways from Samsung's Note 7 battery fire announcement - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Including what this means for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 phones.
Peter Dinklage is afraid of his iPhone - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
But give him time, he's only had it six months. The "Game of Thrones" star talks tech on the sidelines of Sundance, where his new movie "Rememory" debuts.
How to create and restore an image backup in Windows 10 - Jan 23, 2017
How do you recover from a dead internal hard drive or SSD? Or if Windows becomes so messed up it's useless or even unbootable? You can always reinstall Windows from scratch. But after that you must reinstall all of your programs, and then...
White House adds 'Skype' seats in press briefings - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Four virtual seats will be available for reporters located outside the nation's capital to ask questions of Team Trump.
Johnny Manziel offers Trump wise advice about Twitter - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Commentary: The quarterback formerly tipped for NFL stardom explains to the president that there's certain things on Twitter it's best not to do. Then he deleted his whole account.
Yahoo says Verizon buyout delayed but still on - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Marissa Mayer says Verizon's deal for Yahoo has been pushed into the second quarter. Meanwhile, the company's earnings show it may go out on a high note.
11 videos shot by drones from around the world - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Check out a few of my favorite aerial videos from Instagram to see what drones can do on the move.
White House adds "Skype" seats in press briefings - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Four "Skype" seats will be available for reporters who don't have access to the White House to ask Team Trump questions.
Who is 'The Last Jedi'? Star Wars fans have plenty of guesses - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Disney really should have known better than to give millions of moviegoers 11 months to speculate.
Department of Defense's mental health tweet incites Trump critics - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Commentary: A serious tweet about social media offering a window into people's mental health sends some Twitterers wondering to whom it might be referring.
Google starts 'limited test' of Android Instant Apps - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Instant Apps from BuzzFeed, Wish, Periscope and Viki are among the first available to some Android users.
Snapchat cracks down on fake news and clickbait - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
As it marches toward an expected spring IPO, the social network is trying to distinguish itself as a go-to place for news.
New NASA weather satellite delivers exquisite Earth view - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Bask in the details of clouds and landforms in a stunning image from NASA's new high-tech weather satellite, GOES-16.
Samsung Galaxy S8's 'Bixby Vision' AI is getting more real - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Samsung has trademarked a feature that's rumored to juice the Galaxy S8's camera.
AT&T to offer day passes for international travelers - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Starting Friday, customers traveling to more than 100 countries can pay $10 a day for unlimited text and talk, plus access to their data plan.
3 easy steps anyone can take now to back up a PC - Jan 23, 2017
Wayne Watson asked for advice about backing up his PC. First I’ll give you six great reasons to back up your PC: Hardware failure (especially your hard drive or SSD). ...
AT&T to offer day pass for international travelers - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Available in more than 100 countries for $10 a day, the plan allows for unlimited text and talk, plus access to your data plan.
How to Clean-install Windows without Bloatware - Jan 23, 2017
You can get rid of bloatware or other troublesome software by doing a clean install of Windows 10. Here’s how it works.
Snowden's email service of choice, Lavabit, lives again - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
In an era of leaked emails and government surveillance, Lavabit aims to lock its users' communications down.
Orange Sky thinking: Aussies helping the homeless, one wash at a time - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Orange Sky Laundry started with two Aussie guys washing clothes for the homeless out of the back of a van. But after doing 68,000kg of laundry, they say it's not really about the machines.
Watch how an engine warms up, thanks to a thermal camera - Roadshow - Jan 23, 2017
File this one under "things you didn't think were interesting, but totally are."
Sweep up some spare cash with these robotic vacuum deals - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Looking to save time and money cleaning the house? A robotic vacuum can automate this mundane task, and we've got the deals that will do it for less.
China's new 'cleanup' campaign shores up Great Firewall - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Now all VPN services must be authorized by the government to operate in China.
Superman fights Batman again, this time for Razzies Worst Actor - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
The nominations for the Razzies are out, honoring the worst films of the year. Two superheroes rise right to the top. Er, bottom?
We know what killed the Note 7. Here's how Samsung's Galaxy S8 can rise from the ashes - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Commentary: Now that Samsung announced what burned the Note 7, the company can begin to turn the tide -- starting with its next flagship phone.
Trump's new Twitter rival: An onion in a plastic bag? - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Meet a sliced onion. It wants to top President Donald Trump's Twitter follower numbers, but it has a lot of layers to unpeel to get there.
Ford patent breathes EV life into B-pillar keypad - Roadshow - Jan 23, 2017
For those who don't own a Ford, yes, it's still quite the popular piece of tech.
Kristen Stewart gets all AI for trippy 'Come Swim' - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
The "Twilight" star publishes a research paper about the artificial intelligence she used to create her latest film.
Google Voice overhauled with group messaging support and more - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
It's the first major update for the internet calling service in five years.
Trump's new Twitter rival: a sliced onion in a plastic bag? - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Meet half an onion. It wants to top President Donald Trump's Twitter follower numbers, but it has a lot of layers to unpeel to get there.
Horror film stunt frightens TV shoppers, gets 10M Facebook views - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
Commentary: To market the new horror movie "Rings," the makers scare the living daylights out of shoppers at an electronics store in White Plains, New York.
Samsung answers burning Note 7 questions, vows better batteries - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
The company opens up about the source of one of history's worst tech product recalls.
Google Voice update adds new design, group messaging support, and more - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
It's the first major update for Google Voice in five years.
Star Wars Episode VIII gets a name: 'The Last Jedi' - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
But is that Jedi singular, or plural?
Google confirms all new Chromebooks will support Android apps - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
The Google Play store will soon appear on more Chromebooks.
Kreisel Electric, Arnold Schwarzenegger team up for Mercedes G-Class EV - Roadshow - Jan 23, 2017
The former governor goes green(er) without giving up his love for massive SUVs.
Trucker spills sea of glass marbles on roadway - CNET - Jan 23, 2017
See what a mass of colorful marbles look like when they roll their way onto an Indiana interstate.