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Donald Trump uses Twitter to attack China - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Commentary: The president-elect really doesn't like China's trade policies. Or their military policies, for that matter.
Nuggets from 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' press event - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
The "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" global press conference reveals new tidbits about the movie without giving away the good stuff.
BMW traps alleged thief by remotely locking him in car - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Stealer's Wheel? Seattle police department quotes "Watchmen" movie in a recap of the recent arrest.
Space lettuce is now officially on the ISS menu - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Astronaut Shane Kimbrough has eaten the first of four space lettuce harvests after the leaf vegetable was proven safe in 2015.
Get fired up with candles that smell like Trump, Putin, Trudeau - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Ooh, burn. Sniff the scent of global power in these candles sold on Etsy. Trump's version even has hair.
Oakland fire commune leader's Facebook post outrages many - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Commentary: At a time when many burned to death, the man responsible for the warehouse commune of artists laments his lost possessions.
Airbnb drops legal fight with NYC over new rental law - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Short-term rental service drops challenge to new law in exchange for not facing fines itself.
Mounds of Moto Mods: We'll see at least 12 per year - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Those snap-on accessories for the Moto Z phones aren't going anywhere. In fact, Lenovo Moto phones will soon see many more.
Arbnb drops legal fight with NYC over new rental law - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Short-term rental service drops challenge to new law in exchange for not facing fines itself.
Man streamed 115 mph ride on Facebook before crash, police say - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Commentary: In Rhode Island a man is in hospital after allegedly live-streaming a ride from hell along a highway.
Netflix gives 'Sense8' a Christmas special, season-premiere date - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
The first season dropped waaaaay back in June 2015, and fans are excited and impatient about new episodes of the sci-fi series.
Lose your laptop at Newark Airport? Join the club - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
We bet a bunch of people spent their flights getting up close and personal with the inflight magazine's crossword puzzle. What's a three-letter word for D'OH?
SNL mocks Trump's Twitter obsession, Trump tweets distaste - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Commentary: Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump retweets random people. He tweets all the time. Can he stop? No, he cannot. Neither can real Trump in reply.
Voke is latest to join NFL's VR highlights package - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Virtual reality startup recently acquired by Intel gets its shot at showing highlights of four NFL games this season. Is the Super Bowl next?
Cards Against Humanity has filled in its giant hole to nowhere - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Hole lotta nothing? Turns out the hole, a Black Friday-week stunt, was in Oregon, Illinois, and its short life has now ended.
'Return of the Living Dead' actor Don Calfa passes away at 76 - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
The actor also starred in "Weekend at Bernie's," but horror fans know him best for getting a half-bodied zombie to disclose just why the living dead eat brains.
Police put GPS tracker in cough syrup, catch alleged burglars - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Commentary: California police are concerned about a series of burglaries at pharmacies. So they take technological action.
When the Genius Bar can't help - CNET - Dec 4, 2016
Independent local stores are finding new ways to serve their communities by going where big retail chains can't.
Apple's car letter: What's it driving at? - Roadshow - Dec 3, 2016
A note to a US agency is the closest we've come to official word from Apple on an autonomous car project. But it doesn't exactly shine brights on the effort.
'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' trailer features so much Baby Groot - CNET - Dec 3, 2016
He's obviously going to steal the spotlight in this film.
The art of Minecraft: Building beauty, block by block - CNET - Dec 3, 2016
Think you're good at building castles and towns in Minecraft's creative mode? Excerpts from 'Beautiful Minecraft' show what serious talent can do.
Darkness, rain and dirt: My wildlife photography adventure - CNET - Dec 3, 2016
How I tried to battle the elements to capture Scotland's stunning wildlife on camera.
Twitter was the place to be in 2016. Is that enough to save it? - CNET - Dec 3, 2016
The social network didn't see a rush of new users, even though it was impossible to ignore.
'Game of Thrones' locations in the real world, from King's Landing to the Iron Isles - CNET - Dec 3, 2016
The world of Westeros might be fantasy, but the television show is shot in real places all over the world. Here's what several amazing locations look like in real life.
Real-life 'Game of Thrones' locations - CNET - Dec 3, 2016
The fantasy world of Westeros from "Game of Thrones" looks a lot like our world...because it's largely shot on location on Earth. Here's a tour of several amazing locations, inset with actual scenes from the show.
FCC slams AT&T and Verizon over zero-rating offers - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Officials say AT&T's DirecTV Now, which lets you stream video without it counting as data, violates net neutrality. They're eyeing a Verizon offer too.
'Aquaman' release date is now deep into 2018 - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Set to begin production next year, the film starring Jason Momoa will dive into theaters late 2018.
Would you buy a foldable Apple iPhone today? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 65) - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Plans are in the works to use drones to help to improve Apple Maps. Apple comes clean about the iPhone 6S battery issue, and AirPods could be coming in the next few weeks.
New satellite photos will detail your world view - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
DigitalGlobe's new satellite just sent down its first image of our planet. Your Google Maps view of the world is about to get better.
Check! Star Trek tridimensional chess set makes a logical gift - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
One board is way too easy. Play like Kirk and Spock and unfold your game across seven boards, four of which are movable.
Set your alarm: Microsoft's '12 days of deals' starts really early Monday - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Microsoft is once again serving up a new holiday deal each day in its online and brick-and-mortar stores, starting Monday, December 5 at 12 a.m. PT, or 3 a.m. ET.
Facebook invests major moola in affordable housing - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
The social network pledges $20 million to help its Silicon Valley neighbors buy and keep homes in an eye-wateringly expensive housing market.
Stephen Hawking says technology will devastate the middle class - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Commentary: The famous physicist pleads for humans to work together, as this is "the most dangerous time for our planet."
Russian spacecraft launch ends in failure and a fireball - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Russia lost transmission with a Soyuz rocket set to take 2.5 tons of supplies to the International Space Station.
Rivals: Chevrolet Malibu vs. Ford Fusion vs. Toyota Camry...hybrid edition - Roadshow - Dec 2, 2016
Roadshow pits three popular mid-size hybrids against each other to see who win the trophy for best fuel-sipper.
Why the Colin Furze channel is your new YouTube favorite - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Social Studies: I discovered a YouTube channel that's all about crazy inventions, huge explosions, punk rock, and a guy that really enjoys what he does.
The 404 Show 1684: The end of an era: Justin Yu (podcast) - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Today we celebrate the legacy of Justin Yu at CNET as we send him off in style.
Hamilton heads, rejoice! 'The Hamilton Mixtape' is here! - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Sound Bites: J. Cole's new album already has a documentary about it, Drake is hella popular on Spotify and that new Childish Gambino is trippy AF.
New satellite photos could help you find your car faster - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
DigitalGlobe's new satellite sent down its first image of our planet. In other words, your Google Maps view of the world is about to get better.
Amazon axes 'Good Girls Revolt' after one season - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
The original series' second season could wind up with a new home before too long. The show's producer reportedly intends to shop it around.
Accessory deal of the day: $30 Bose wireless sports headphone charging case - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Need a charging case for your Bluetooth sports headphones? Bose's SoundSport charging case is $20 off for a limited time at Best Buy.
World's most interesting man attacks 'weak-ass Wi-Fi' - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Commentary: The former Dos Equis pitchman pitches up in a new ad for Luma Wi-Fi. He curses quite a bit.
Amazon cuts highly-rated 'Good Girls Revolt' - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
But don't worry, the second season could wind up with a new home before too long.
NYPD busts $8 million counterfeit phone scheme - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Officers seize more than 10,000 fake iPhones and Samsung devices in Brooklyn on Thursday.
The periodic table just got a little (super)heavier - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
Everyone's favorite list of all the things that make up everything has just received four new additions.
You can now warranty your McLaren until its 12th birthday - Roadshow - Dec 2, 2016
Time to pull the MP4-12C out of storage!
How Riz Ahmed got (and nearly lost) his 'Rogue One' role - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
The actor who plays Bodhi Rook in the upcoming "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" was almost too enthusiastic to be a pilot for the rebellion.
This photo series is proof that a Range Rover makes nature photography better - Roadshow - Dec 2, 2016
Jonas Bendiksen used a Range Rover to get around Norway as he shot a series of photos chronicling its natural beauty. The result is, well, see for yourself.
Apple factory manager indicted for stealing thousands of iPhones - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
An ex-senior manager at Apple supplier Foxconn is reportedly facing charges for stealing and reselling thousands of iPhones.
What's the fastest way to find out you got into college? A 'Snap' - CNET - Dec 2, 2016
One university campus is using Snapchat to tell future Green Bay Packers fans they've just been accepted.