"Windows Could Not Search for New Updates" Error

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Windows Update sometimes doesn't work and an error message pops up, like the one seen below. When clicking on "Learn More," the suggestion doesn't say much. Have you ruann into this situation? This seems to happen even more since the Windows 8.1 Update 1.

Windows Update Error: 80240442


We've all seen this: "Windows could not search for new updates" or similar error about not being able to download or install them. If you run into the situation, it does provide you with an error code number. This Windows Update code error: 80240442 is the one we're trying to fix in this situation.

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

Or if you're on Windows 8.1 and trying to update via the Modern UI, you'll get a similar message screen

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

Well, you click to get help with the error, and it either isn't useful at all, or has error results listed, but they're similar to the one you have – not the exact error. And different fixes, of course, work differently for each code.

Apparently Microsoft Support needs to be contacted because there's no information about my error.

But I think Microsoft needs to update its error code database more often, because by doing a Bing search, there are a lot of people getting this particular one.

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

Fix for Windows Update Error 80240442


After trying to figure out a work-around for this error,  Windows community forums users came up with a fix.

Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options.

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

Then click the Connections tab and then LAN Settings.

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

From the LAN Settings, under Proxy Server, check "Use a proxy server for your LAN…" then click the Advanced button.

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

Next comes the Proxy Settings and make sure your entries look like the image below.

  • HTTP: Port: 8888
  • Secure: Port: 8888
  • Exceptions: <-loopback>

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

After that, go back and try to run Windows Update again, and it should work.

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

After you install the updates, go back to LAN Settings and uncheck "Use proxy server for your LAN…" otherwise you won't be able to go to any webpages since your proxy is your own computer.

Tech Tip: July 21, 2014

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LAST UPDATED 7/22/2014