Undo Send for Gmail Sent Items

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Undo Send for Gmail Sent ItemsHave you ever sent an email only to say "NO, NO, NO" seconds after you hit the send button? Or perhaps you wrote a flaming email to someone just to get it off your chest and after you hit the send button that voice pops up in your head and says "Are you serious, you actually sent that"!

Gmail has the answer for those "moments" called Undo Send. It's not enabled by default, but turning it on and configuring it is simple.

Add Undo Send Option to Gmail Account

From inside Gmail, Click the Settings Gear Icon then Settings.

Undo Send for Gmail Sent Items

Scroll down on Labs page and Click Enable for Undo Send.  To save, Scroll down and Click Save Changes.

Undo Send for Gmail Sent Items

Configure the "Undo" or "Cancellation Period"

Jump back to the General tab and configure the send cancellation period using the drop down arrow. This is the grace period Gmail will give you to undo the send. Again, click save changes to apply your changes.

Undo Send for Gmail Sent Items

Test out the feature by sending an email to someone. A subtle popup will appear at the top of your Gmail inbox allowing you to click the Undo button.

Undo Send for Gmail Sent Items

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LAST UPDATED 3/17/2014