Supporting Our Profession Today & Tomorrow

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Governmental Representation


FICPA serves as a liaison for its members to government entities on state and local levels. These key interactions provide members frequent opportunities to contact and communicate with these bodies whose regulations have an impact on CPAs. The FICPA Governmental Affairs department, Florida CPA Political Action Committee and the Key Personal Contact program work hard to ensure the quality of our profession today and in the future.
Gov. Affairs  |  Florida CPA Political Action Committee  |  Key Person Contact Program

FICPA Educational Foundation


From your tax-deductible contributions, the Foundation has been able to provide more than $3 million in financial support to Florida accounting students since it’s founding in 1959.
Educational Foundation

Student and Educator Support


The FICPA encourages and advocates the education and support of those with a desire to become a certified public accountant. From kindergarten through 5th year accounting students and educators and professionals striving to earn their license, your membership ensures that future CPAs get information, assistance and guidance from those in our industry.
Future CPAs

Peer Review


The AICPA Peer Review Program is an educational and remedial program designed to help you improve the quality of your practice. The FICPA administers the peer review program in Florida. In this function, we serve as a resource by assisting your firm in scheduling a review, selecting a reviewer and finalizing your firm's report through the committee acceptance process. This is to ensure that AICPA members engaged in the practice of public accounting will meet the AICPA membership requirement of enrollment in an approved practice-monitoring program.
FICPA Peer Review