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Grace Mission Episcopal Church - FULL

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Where: Grace Mission at 9:00 or 1700 Joe Louis Street at 9:40 in Tallahassee
When: 5/20/2017 9:00:00 AM - 5/20/2017 12:00:00 PM

*** This project has enough volunteers. Please try for another in your area. *** Assist Grace Mission with their One Campaign! Through partnership with Second Harvest, we'll deliver nutritious food to Springfield Housing, 1700 Joe Louis Street, on May 20th from 10:00 – 12:00. We ask that you report to the Community Center at Springfield Housing around 9:40am to set up. You are invited to eat breakfast at 9:00am at Grace Mission, before going to Springfield Housing. Our bus will be in the parking lot outside the Community Center. Grace Mission is a 501c3 Organization, a USDA certified soup kitchen serving approximately 2500 hot meals a month to people who are homeless or living in poverty in our community. Grace Mission is located at: 303 W Brevard St, Tallahasse. Springfield Community Center is located at: 1702 Joe Louis St, Tallahassee Organizer: John Kirk 850-385-7444.



Volunteers Committed


Ann Marie Bachman - Thomson Brock Luger

Ryan Barnes - Thomas Howell Feguson P.A.

Lorelle Chapman - Thomas Howell Ferguson

Cal Crombie - City of Tallahassee

Delia Finnerty - Law, Redd, Crona & Munroe, P.A.

Nicholas Gilpin - Thomas Howell Ferguson

Taylor Harmon - Thomas Howell Ferguson

John Kirk - Thomson Brock Luger & Co.

Bill Knight - Thomas Howell Ferguson

Kathy Kohlman - Law, Redd, Crona, & Munroe

Roberta McManus - City of Tallahassee

Aylee Reubel - Florida Department of Elder Affairs

Rita Stevens - City of Tallahassee

Caroline Stevens - City of Tallahassee

Patrick Twyman - City of Tallahassee

Shelby Wakefield - Law, Redd, Crona & Munroe