Message from the Chair - Michael L. Rosciam CPA, Thomas Howell Ferguson, PA

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I am extremely honored to assume the role of Chair and to accept the responsibilities that your trust has entitled me to. You have so many choices in your life of where you can commit your time. Your time and your support here mean continued sharing of knowledge and real-time experience on a wide variety of topics with our members, others in the profession, and the technology community-at-large. As your Chair and as a member of the technology community-at-large, I thank you.

This last decade has yielded an economic environment unseen in several generations.  Businesses are looking for ways for each payroll dollar to be more productive, efficient, and profitable. This membership has the cumulative knowledge to help private and public sector management. By drawing on shared results from members who are early adopters of technology, participants can overcome any hesitation to adopt and implement proven practices, striving for that increased profitability and productivity.  This group knows the importance of technology in this profession and wants to help others realize the full potential technology offers.

In furtherance of our goals expressed so well by our former chair, we will continue to build the “living environment” with exchanges of ideas about technology and its application in CPA-specific workplaces. As a group, we will continue to explore and research innovative technologies and bring back the results and findings for members’ use and feedback. Members will also benefit from the shared successes and common pitfalls revealed. 

I take up my task in enthusiasm and hope.  I am proud of your trust and I will justify it to the best of my ability and competence.  Thanks, again, to each of you for your time and support!