Miami Downtown Chapter

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Steve Morrison
(305) 373-5500

Teag Jones
(305) 442-8801

Zary Cabrera
(305) 579-8035

JJ Hidalgo
(305) 373-5500

CPE Chapter Liaison
Alex Sueiro
(305) 567-0150

Region VI Representative
Angela Florez
(305) 271-9000

Staff Representative
Debra Kelly
(850) 224-2727

Todd Chesla

Board of Directors

Hector Aguililla
Robert Aldir
Amanda Bonifay
Enrique Cuervo, Jr
Brett Friedman
Robert Kianos, II
Ezequiel Ladron De Guevara
Andres Molgora
Rolando Mora
Daniel Palacios
Chris Perez de Alejo
Elgin Polo
Michael Safra
Michael Torres
Ronaldo Totoli
Carey Vasallo


Welcome to the Florida Institute of CPAs Miami Downtown Chapter page. Here you will find information of upcoming events involving our chapter.

Our chapter is committed to the accountancy profession through education, training and community involvement. Our members provide outstanding service to public and private institutions as well as individuals.

Please contact any one of our chapter officers if you have questions or need more information, and I look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Upcoming Events

None Scheduled

Save the date

Golf Tournament

George Gulisano (Chair of the Ed Foundation), Ken Strauss (Chair of the FICPA) and Ezequiel Ladron de Guevara (Incoming Chair of the Miami Downtown Chapter) with 3 student Ed Foundation scholarship recipients.
Hector E. Aguililla (outgoing Chair of the Miami Downtown Chapter) and Ezequiel Ladron de Guevara (Incoming Chair of the Miami Downtown Chapter)

The Miami-Downtown Chapter Nominating Committee has nominated the following officers for the 2015-2016 year. Elections will be held at the June 26, 2015 meeting:

Chair: Steve Morrison
Chair-Elect: Teag Jones
Secretary: Juan Hidalgo
Treasurer: Zary Cabrera
CPE Liaison: Alex Sueiro

Ronaldo Totoli
C. Andres Molgora
Robert Aldir
Hector Aguililla
Michael Safra
Enrique Cuervo
Chris Perez de Alejo
Miguel Velasquez
Amanda Bonifay
|Daniel Palacios
Rolando Mora
Ezequiel Ladron de Guevara
Mike Torres
Robert Kianos
Todd Chesla
Brett Friedman
Elgin Polo
Caridad Vasallo

According to FICPA Policies and Procedures, Section VI (4), any one percent (1%) of Voting members of the Chapter may petition and submit supplemental nominations for Officers and/or Board of Directors, provided that such nominations be filed with the Secretary at least twenty days prior to the date of the election of officers. Notice of such supplemental nominations shall be provided by the Secretary to all Voting members at least ten days prior to the election of Officers and Board of Directors.

Sponsor Information
Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants
Ernst & Young
Goldstein Schechter Koch
Morrison Brown Argiz & Farra
Perez-Abreu Aguerreberre Sueiro & Torres