Future CPAs

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The Florida Institute of CPAs encourages and advocates the education and support of those with a desire to become a certified public accountant. Prospective CPAs - from kindergarten students interested in math through 5th year accounting students and professionals seeking their certification – can find useful resources to accomplish their goals. Educators and FICPA members who volunteer with schools can also find tools and resources to help lead and teach our future CPAs.



Meet the Florida Institute of CPAs, what we stand for, what we do and how to become a member. Access the FICPA About pages here.



Targeted more for high school, undergraduate and 4th or 5th years accounting students, the Students area provides relevant news articles, scholarships, summer residency programs and useful links including accounting programs across Florida. See more here.



Those who identify and develop the CPAs of tomorrow - at the high school or college levels – the FICPA strives to support your efforts. Access resources and tools including career and instructional materials, student programs, student and doctoral scholarships, relevant news articles, assessment tools and more. See more here.



Search the FICPA classifieds for positions available, positions wanted, office space, practices wanted for purchase or merger, practices for sale, and miscellaneous items. See more here.

Become a Florida CPA


No matter how close you are to sitting for the CPA exam in Florida, the FICPA provides information about being a CPA and sources for those preparing for the Florida CPA exam. See more here.