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The Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA) is expanding our CPE content to reach more Florida CPAs in technical and non-technical areas.  Our goal is to expand the current topics and potentially replace current offerings.

The FICPA invites you to submit a proposal for a new CPE program.  This opportunity will provide more CPAs and academicians the ability to share their knowledge with their peers and assist the FICPA in enhancing the competencies of Florida licensed CPAs.

Submissions are now accepted year round.

General Guidelines

  • Content should be designed for CPAs and/or other accounting professionals in public practice or industry and government.
  • Only materials that are available for the FICPA to copyright will be accepted.
  • All submissions will be subject to a blind review by FICPA technical committees or Sections.
  • When completed, the length of the proposed course must be either two 4-hour courses that complement each other or one 8-hour course.

Specific Proposal Guidelines

Proposal will require identifying information, a table of contents, abstract and a summary for FICPA technical committees or Sections to review for inclusion in the FICPA course lineup.

The following four documents should be included for your submission to be accepted:

  • Identifying Information
    • Course title
    • Program length (# minutes when delivered live)
    • Type credit per Florida BOA CPE credit rules
    • Names of all authors and their credentials
    • Name of lead author
    • Contact person
    • Contact address
    • Contact telephone, cell phone and fax numbers
    • Contact email address
    • Names of potential speaker(s) and their prior speaker evaluations (if known)
      • Evaluations for each speaker should be based on a 1-5 scale with 5 being the best score
      • List prior speaking engagements (organization, topic, session length, location, group)

All communication will be through the designated contact person.

  • Table of Contents
  • Provide a detailed table of contents showing chapters and major topics in each chapter and at least one level of sub topics.

  • The Abstract
  • Single spaced abstract with no more than 250 words which concisely conveys the goal of the course. 

  • The Summary
  • The summary should include the major topics, anticipated audience (public, private, government, etc), standards, rules, laws covered, reasons CPAs need training in this area and any unique characteristics of this course.  The summary should not exceed 1,200 words (approximately 4 pages double-spaced using 12-point type).  Include the course title at the top of the summary.  To facilitate blind review do not include the author name(s) or affiliations in this summary.

    Your summary will be examined by reviewers to determine the need and the appropriateness of the proposed course.  Please make sure it is clearly written and anonymous.

    An email will be sent to the designated contact person indicating that the submission was received. 


There will be no payment for submitting a proposal. If your proposal is selected for development payment will be made by the FICPA in the following manner.

Course Development Fee


Royalty (paid quarterly per person attending the event)


Honorarium (for the presenter of each event) 


     FICPA seminars (4-hours)


     FICPA seminars (8 hours)


     FICPA on-site programs (4 hours)


     FICPA on-site programs (8 hours)


     FICPA out of state sales (4 hours)


     FICPA out of state sales (8 hours)


Tentative Calendar for New Course Development

Below is a tentative calendar for new course development.

Committee & staff evaluation/selection

Next available CPE Committee Meeting

Contract signed

Within 30 days of being selected

Initial discussion with FICPA instructional design expert

Varies depending on content

Course materials due (participant manual, discussion leader guide and PowerPoint presentation)

Within 120 days of signed contract

Committee review of materials

Within 45 days of receiving final course materials

Author final changes

Within 30 days of committee review


If you have any questions about this process, please email  All submissions should be emailed to