Meet the Team

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Below is a list of all FICPA directors and managers within each department of the Institute, including their extension numbers. You may click on any of these names to email the appropriate staff person with your questions or comments or dial their extension directly when calling (850) 224-2727.

Executive Offices

Image: Deborah Curry
Deborah Curry, CPA, CGMA
Ext. 240
Image: Donna Son
Donna Son
Chief Operating Officer
Ext. 301
Image: Brian Machek
Brian Machek
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 310
Image: LeAnne Spell
LeAnne Spell
Executive Business Manager
Ext. 225

Governmental Affairs

Image: Justin Thames
Justin Thames
Director of Governmental
Ext. 204

Member Relations

Image: Mia Thomas
Mia Thomas
Director of Customized
Image: Michael Holland
Michael Holland
Sr. Director of Member Services
Ext. 500
Image: Morgan Gibbons Watson
Morgan Gibbons Watson, CPA
Market Development Manager
(850) 508-4219
Image: Debra Kelly
Debra Kelly
Member Connections Manager
Ext. 431
Image: Lynn Hepner
Lynn Hepner
Membership Development
Manager, Ext. 350
Image: Jan Dobson
Jan Dobson, CAE, APR
Chief External Affairs
Officer, Ext. 380
Image: Drew Miller
Drew Miller
Corporate Sales Manager
Ext. 270
Image: Eric Randazzo
Eric Randazzo
Marketing Project Manager
Ext. 287
Image: Todd Schimpf
Todd Schimpf
Director of Communications
and Strategic Marketing
Ext. 382
Image: Timothy Scott
Timothy Scott
Creative/Multimedia Manager
Ext. 384
Image: Suellen Wilkins
Suellen Wilkins
Editor, Florida CPA Today
Ext. 383
Image: Angie Brooke
Angie Brooke
Emerging Professionals
Sr. Manager, Ext. 300
Image: Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen
Student Initiative
Manager, Ext. 422


Image: Sherri Kavuma
Sherri Kavuma
Accounting Manager
Ext. 304
Image: Cyrus Yazdanpanah
Cyrus Yazdanpanah
Director of Technology &
Web Services, Ext. 381
Image: Shane Brooks
Shane Brooks
Network Administrator
Ext. 306
Image: Paul Brown
Paul Brown
Director of Technical Services
Ext. 251
Image: Kathy Creel
Kathy Creel
Peer Review Manager
Ext. 252
Image: Cyndi Dotson
Cyndi Dotson, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Ext. 222
Image: Scott Lindner
Scott Lindner
Facilities Manager
Ext. 501

Professional Development

Image: Adam Hebenthal
Adam Hebenthal
E-Learning Manager
Ext. 305
Image: Stephanie Thomas
Stephanie Thomas, CAE, CMP
Director of CPE Operations
Ext. 418
Image: Diane Major
Diane Major
CPE Conference Manager
Ext. 452
Image: Thelma Givens
Thelma Givens
CPE Seminar Manager
Ext. 413
Image: Trevor Maddox
Trevor Maddox
CPE Conference Manager
Ext. 411