Stopping Tax Identity Theft: Practical Advice for CPAs & Clients

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1 Credits

Identity theft of tax information is a growing problem.  Both taxpayers and tax preparers are a target for identity theft.  This presentation discusses how to advise taxpayers who are victims of identity theft, and some of the scams that aim to victimize CPAs or make them complicit in identity theft of client information.


After viewing this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Describe what an identity theft is, and why and how an identity theft might be perpetrated
  • Describe what is being done to curtail identity theft for tax purposes
  • Be familiar with identity theft prevention techniques
  • State several actions to take when an identity is stolen

Note this course is being broadcast as a webcast.

Designed For

CPAs and tax staff who prepare individual tax returns


Some knowledge of individual tax returns and fraud practices

Advanced Preparation