Powerful Communication - The Eight Hour MBA

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Online registration for this course is now closed. Please contact the Member Service Center at (850) 224-2727 or (800) 342-3197 if you wish to inquire about registering.

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8 Credits

If you don't have the time to complete an MBA degree but still want to understand the key concepts, then these courses are for you. We'll also discuss concepts that you don't see in an MBA program but are essential in the business world.


* Gain a high-level but thorough understanding of the key elements and components of a traditional MBA
* Learn to look strategically at an organization from a holistic perspective to improve business planning and decision-making
* Understand how different business processes drive results
* Learn the effective use of key performance indicators to motivate, measure, evaluate and improve results

Major Topics

* Effective Writing
* Networking
* Personality Styles & Communication in the Workplace
* Social Media
* Presenting Financial Information
* Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Designed For

These courses are designed for managers, professionals, and business owners who want to develop a broad perspective to deal more effectively in today's rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment.


A basic understanding of financial statements

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