Forensic Accounting Investigative Practices

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8 Credits

Are you looking to expand your practice into the realm of forensic accounting, providing expert witness testimony in mediations, arbitrations and governmental hearings? Learn to use proven research, investigative methods and proper documentation of evidence to successfully complete a forensic accounting engagement.


This course provides you with a comprehensive view of the field of forensic accounting. Discover how to search for and document evidence. Practice investigatory techniques for conducting interviews. Explore solutions for uncovering hidden assets using a hands-on team case study. Discuss how to document your findings in forensic accounting reports. And finally, learn how to prepare to be an expert witness at a deposition and trial—what to expect and how to avoid opposing counsels’ attempts to exclude your testimony.

Major Topics

  • Evidence in the Investigative Process
  • Tools Used in Forensic Investigations
  • Conducting Interviews
  • Searching for Hidden Assets
  • Forensic Accounting Reports
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Designed For

Individuals looking to expand their knowledge of forensic accounting


Individuals familiar with the value and need for forensic accounting


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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