OMB A-133 From A to Z

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8 Credits

In this course, you will learn the complex OMB A-133 requirements that auditors will utilize in their 2014 engagement while also examining changes to those requirements that auditors will face in the future. The course materials utilize a highly illustrative format to increase concept comprehension and retention.


Stay current in this complex and ever-changing auditing environment; Increase audit effectiveness by perceiving how the key OMB A-133 audit requirements relate to each other; Perform more efficient Single Audits through enhanced understanding of the OMB A-133 requirements

Major Topics

  • The current state of the A-133 auditing landscape and changes on the horizon
  • Overview of the Single Audit Act, OMB Circular A-133, and the Compliance Supplement - how Single Audits differ from conventional audits
  • Key planning considerations in OMB A-133 audits
  • Thoroughly understand the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) - who prepares it, its importance, and the auditor's responsibility related to it
  • Major program determination and selection - properly identifying Type A and Type B programs, high-risk and low-risk programs, and the percentage-of-coverage rule
  • Consideration of internal control over compliance for major programs, including utilization of the Compliance Supplement
  • Compliance auditing application to major programs, including utilization of the Compliance Supplement
  • Sampling considerations
  • Audit considerations related to federal pass-through awards
  • Reporting requirements and other communications in Single Audits - properly reporting audit findings, the Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs, Data Collection Form, other key reporting issues
  • Program-specific audits

Designed For

Auditors performing OMB Circular A-133 audits


Basic OMB A-133 audit knowledge


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Friday, November 14, 2014

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