MBAexpress: Powerful Presentation Skills

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1.0 Credits

America's greatest anxiety, public speaking, is a necessity in today's business world. Those who can speak in front of crowds and have effective presentational skills tend to move up the corporate ladder more swiftly. Discover how to stand in front of an audience, project confidence and knowledge, all the while making a connection and capturing your audience's imagination to be powerful and persuasive


* Describe ways to improve your speaking performance and your confidence * Identify ways to connect with your audience and capture their imagination * Recognize the importance of restating questions during a presentation * Determine the number of slides needed for a presentation

Major Topics

*Using visualization * Practice is essential * Positive energy * Slide count calculation * A speech versus an experience * Fear of questions *Know your audience *Communication styles * Turn off the adrenaline * The power of a pause

Designed For

CPAs, corporate finance teams, business leaders and other financial professionals.


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