MBAexpress: Key Concepts of Business Strategy

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6.0 Credits

This bundle includes courses for those who do not have time to complete a MBA degree but still want to understand the key concepts. Develop a broad perspective to deal more effectively in today's rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: * Define sustainability * Identify the core principles of sustainability * Recognize benefits of sustainability * Identify steps to starting s sustainability initiative * Identify techniques to develop your creativity confidence * Identify different types of creativity methods * Identify steps to starting an international business * Identify questions to consider when researching international business structure * Recognize cultural differences to consider * Illustrate the marketing value by investing in their people * Identify how business professionals are differentiating themselves in the market place * Describe ways to strengthen business relationships * Recognize ways to determine ROI using social media * Define risk * Identify sources of risk * Identify types of risk * Identify an example of business risk truths * Identify risk management processes * Identify the importance of why a company should know "why it does what it does" * Define how to use Backcasting as a strategic planning tool * Identify the most important thing about a mission statement * Identify the benefits of a SWOT analysis

Designed For

CPAs, corporate finance teams, business leaders and other financial professionals.


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