The Anticipatory Organization - Accounting and Finance Professionals - v. 1.5

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5.0 Credits

This event will present a way of thinking that is opposite to the experience and training of a CPA. Most CPAs are trained as "historians." They look back to measure, reconcile, examine, and extrapolate. The Anticipatory CPA learns how to use foresight to analyze soft and hard trends, to predict outcomes, to leverage cultural change, and to engage emerging technology. These skills enable the anticipatory CPA to jump ahead of the competition. Change is coming, fast. The winners will be those who can anticipate those changes to leverage new opportunities. Daniel Burrus will present the skills and methods that can reorient your thinking about the future. Your future.


After completing this course, the participant should be able to: 
  • Learn how to spot hard and soft trends and identify opportunities to capitalize on them. 
  • Understand how the core principles of the Anticipatory Organization are a key missing competency for CPAs. Shape your future view and direct your future business. 
  • Go opposite and learn how to skip certain problems you think you may have.

Major Topics

  • Hard and soft trend analysis and framework for business.
  • Identifying technology pathways for innovation.
  • The go opposite principle and how it can apply to practice.
  • Developing future business plans based on certainty.
  • Transforming business perations using the core principles of AOAF.
  • Reinvention and redefinition of complete business processes.
  • A self directed future view that guides your actions and purpose.

Designed For

Anyone interested in learning how to predict future trends that can impact their personal and professional lives.


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