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Steve Allen


Rogue Business /DocuPhase

Rogue Business is about picking your passion, talent, or opportunity and turning it into a successful business. It’s about defining your unique path based on only your dreams, and living life your way, as your own boss. Almost any idea can be turned into a business, and the lessons learned from success or failure can ultimately bring you closer to your dreams. The goal with a Rogue Business is to enjoy the ride, to expand your knowledge, and to live a life of passion and fulfillment!
Steve Allen has a passion for entrepreneurship and actively promotes, educates, mentors, and coaches others on how to become entrepreneurs and start their own Rogue Business, replacing their job with meaningful work. Using his personal experience in startups, failures, and successes, he is able to illustrate that anyone can be an entrepreneur with passion, desire, and work ethic. Most importantly, he illustrates that anyone with a true desire to have his or her own business CAN, and that a business DOES NOT need to be technology-based to be successful.
Steve also brings a unique perspective to sales and marketing, as he has personally made the transition from product developer, to sales, to CEO. He is an example of a non-sales person becoming an effective sales driver for his business. He teaches others how to develop the skills necessary to be a sales guru, driving success for their company.
Steve is a lifelong entrepreneur and the Founder of DocuPhase Corporation, a company that automates the workplace and drives success, innovation, productivity, and profit for its clients. With a career that started at IBM in robotics, Steve has always focused on automating business processes or simplifying user experiences with technology. As an engineer and entrepreneur, Steve’s early career and companies focused on helping clients to develop new technology and products in the consumer, healthcare, marine, and aviation markets. He has spent the past 16 years building DocuPhase with a focus on office automation and business process management. His guidance has produced an award-winning automation platform for DocuPhase in the Content Management and Business Process Automation space as well as recognition as one of Tampa Bay’s “Best Places to Work” for 8 years.
In 2014, Steve founded the Technical Arts Facility for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (now Florida Business Incubators), a business incubator that promotes entrepreneurship in Pinellas County and supports and mentors budding entrepreneurs. Since August 2015, Steve has been the Program Chair, mentor, and contributor for the Pinellas County Education Foundation’s Next Generation Entrepreneurs program and continues to educate students and young adults on the entrepreneurial process, enabling them to successfully compete in a prize-based competition and launch their innovative new business ideas. When you meet Steve, you will see how passion can drive success!