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Mark Rush, Ph.D.

Interests: Macroeconomic Theory, Monetary Economics, International Finance Education: Ph.D., 1982; M.A., University of Rochester, 1978; B.A., California State University at Hayward, 1974. Professor Rush teaches principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics to 1,300 students each term via TV replay. He is currently investigating factors that cause fluctuations in economic activity. Professor Rush served on the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh for the period 1979 - 83. Author: "The Marginal Income Tax Rate Schedule from 1930 to 1990," with C. Hakkio and T. Schmidt, Journal of Monetary Economics, 1996; "New Small Sample Estimators for Cointegrated Regression-Low Pass Spectral Filter Method," with Y. Li and G.S. Maddala, Economics Letters, 1995; "The Effect of Changes in Reserve Requirements on Investment and GNP," with P. Loungani, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 1995; "Rigid Prices and Flexible Products," Journal of Economics, with K. Koelln, 1993; "Real Exchange Rates Under the Gold Standard," Journal of Political Economy, with F. Diebold and S. Husted, 1991; "Cointegration: How Short is the Long Run?" Journal of International Money and Finance, with C. Hakkio, 1991; "Is the Budget Deficit ‘Too Large’?" Economic Inquiry, with C. Hakkio, 1991; "Self-Interest and the Senate Vote on Direct Elections," Economics and Politics, with L. Kenny, 1990; "Stock Market Dispersion and Unemployment," Journal of Monetary Economics, with P. Loungani and W. Tave, 1990; "Supply Shocks and the Interest Rate," Economic Inquiry, with D. Denslow, 1989; "Market Efficiency and Cointegration: An Application to the Sterling and Deutschemark Exchange Markets," Journal of International Money and Finance, with C. Hakkio, 1989; "On the Policy Ineffectiveness Proposition and a Keynesian Alternative," The Economic Journal, with D. Waldo, 1988. Honors and Fellowships: Teaching Improvement Program, Distinguished Undergraduate Teacher, 1994; College of Business Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher, 1990; National University Continuing Education Association, Distinguished Independent Study Course, 1990; Economics Department Teacher of the Year, 1989; College of Business Teacher of the Year, 1988; two of Dr. Rush’s papers are amongst the 100 most cited papers in economics and business for the years 1989 and 1991.