Phishing Email Scam Targets AICPA

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On Feb. 16, the AICPA became aware of a fraudulent email using an AICPA banner and referencing the recipient’s possible involvement in an unlawful income tax refund activity that was sent to numerous individuals, CPAs, non-CPAs and members of the general public. This email is not from the AICPA nor from the AICPA’s database. This email, apparently received by a small portion of AICPA members and others, was a typical “phishing” email scam.  The AICPA is advising anyone receiving such email not to open any attachment or click on any link as the email may contain a virus.  While the exact source has not yet been determined, the AICPA is actively investigating this situation.

If you wish to speak with an AICPA member service specialist, call 888.777.7077 and select option 1.

View AICPA updates on this issue here.

LAST UPDATED 2/17/2012