Message from the Chair - Aug. 26, 2009

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Ellen L. Joseph of Falcone Group, LLC, in Boca Raton

FL Industry Section Mission Statement
To assist Section members developing their business acumen, improving their response to business challenges and becoming more technically proficient in business including accounting and tax matters related to Florida’s Industry by sharing valuable and timely information.

Query to Florida Industry Section Members
Have you recently read an article or received an email bulletin that contained information which you thought was useful and could be valued by fellow CPAs in Industry? If so, please share it via our Listserv. It’s easy to do:

  1. Go to the FL Industry Section Web site
  2. Click “Listserv” and login
  3. Select the Conference Topic that best matches your posting
  4. Click “New Topic” in the upper right corner of the red Topics rectangle
  5. Type in a subject line and the body of your text, including links to websites containing your article (or copy and paste the article into the text body)
  6. Click “Post” at the lower right corner
Voila! You have now helped to fulfill the FL Industry Section’s mission by “sharing valuable and timely information.”

Thank you for helping to fulfill the FL Industry Section’s mission by posting articles of interest on the listserv.

Ellen L. Joseph
Falcone Group, LLC
FY 2009-10 Florida Industry Section Chair

LAST UPDATED 8/26/2009