Message from the Chair - March 26, 2009

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Message From the Chair: Ellen L. Joseph, Falcone Group, LLC, in Boca Raton

Dear Section Members:

Spring is a time of renewal and the FICPA has reached out to members and asked us to renew (or make new) our volunteer commitments for 2009-2010. I am reaching out to ask if you would please volunteer with the FL Industry Section in the upcoming year.

I thought it was important to look back to determine how well the FL Industry Section has accomplished its goals for the 2008-2009 year before I drafted this requesting volunteers. I?d like to share some highlights of the goals we?ve accomplished thus far, and point out that we are on target to accomplish more of them by the end of June. You can read all of our goals and objectives online, but here are a few:

Goal 1: To provide opportunities for member-to-member sharing of knowledge relating to Florida Industry.

   Objective 2: By December 2008, enhance Section member use of and participation on the Section Discussion Board (Listserv).

We have increased use of Listserv to share useful information (articles, news stories, updates to legislation and accounting pronouncements, etc) with members on a timely basis.

Goal 2: To provide opportunities for members to participate in professional development activities relating to Florida Industry.

   Objective 1: By March 2009, plan and hold the CPAs in Industry Conference in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. (Note: The majority of this objective is carried out by the CPAs in Industry Conference Planning Committee).

The CPAs in Industry Conference was held in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa on Thursday and Friday, March 26 and 27, with the Industry Section cocktail/networking sessions in each location on Thursday, March 26.

   Objective 2: By June 2009, implement a series of roundtable discussions.

We are concluding the ministerial aspects of getting the first roundtables scheduled to be held around the state in upcoming months.

So, what?s next? You can have an influence on the direction of the Industry Section and how it serves its members. All you have to do is volunteer or email

To quote an old Microsoft ad, ?Where do you want to go today?? Let us know.

Ellen L. Joseph
FY 2008-09 FL Industry Section Chair
Falcone Group, LLC - Boca Raton

LAST UPDATED 3/26/2009