Action Steps for Success

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How can you put the survey findings to work in your practice?

  • Review the results in a partner or strategic planning meeting. Do they track to your firm’s experiences? Are there any surprises?
  • Consider whether you would make any changes in your strategic plans based on the survey results. Discuss questions such as:
  • Is the firm making the most of the new business opportunities that may be available now that the economy has stabilized? If not, what changes are needed?

  • Is it time to begin or revisit your succession plans?
  • Will your staff recruitment and retention efforts give you a competitive edge in an active hiring market?

As part of your strategic planning, you can turn to a broad range of AICPA and PCPS resources to help you address all of the issues identified in this year’s survey, from the AICPA’s Tax Practitioners Toolkit and Health Care Reform Resource Center to the PCPS Practice Growth & Client Services and Succession Planning Resource Centers. The PCPS 2013 CPA Firm Top Issues Survey Commentary includes links to useful tools and a discussion of what the trends mean and how CPAs can respond to them and the survey results webpage provides the Top Issues lists for various firm sizes, plus indicates the resources that help practitioners address those critical issues. In addition, the AICPA’s PCPS team has recently launched webpages specifically targeted toward sole practitioners, small, medium and large firms, so that CPAs can more easily access resources and find practice management solutions tailored to the size of their firm.

LAST UPDATED 7/24/2013