NewsFlash Aug. 8, 2013

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Division of Corporations: Update Your Contact Information

Now is a perfect time for registered agents to update their contact information with the Department of State’s Division of Corporations. The Division sends email reminders to the address provided to them from the last renewal of the Annual Report in early January for corporate filings. The email goes to the registered agent of the business entity.

If your email address has changed or you aren’t sure what’s on file, visit the Division's website. You may email the appropriate bureau with the correct email address for each entity for which you are the registered agent.

Now is the time for you or your client to update the email address for free if it has changed since the last notice. Help avoid the $400 late fee, which the Department is unable to waive, by sending the up-to-date email address of the registered agent who will help you and your client.

Reminder: License Renewal Process Has Changed
Florida CPAs no longer are required to report CPE to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) as a condition of license renewal. However, CPAs still must complete the required CPE hours by June 30 of the renewal year. If hours were not completed by June 30, the automatic extensions still apply.

DBPR will open the online renewal process around Sept. 1, 2013. By submitting payment and renewing a license, licensees are affirming they have completed the necessary CPE. Therefore, licensees should not submit their payment before completing all hours necessary for renewal.

More information can be found here on the DBPR website.

More information about legislative issues: Rivers Buford, FICPA Director of Governmental Affairs | (800) 342-3197, Ext. 203 | (850) 224-2727, Ext. 203 |

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Guide the Future of the FICPA
Leaders Needed

The FICPA Committee on Nominations currently is seeking volunteers for nomination to the 2014-15 Executive Committee, Board of Governors, AICPA Council and Standing Committees.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to become a leading member of the FICPA and shape our association’s future.

The application deadline is Aug. 31, 2013. Take advantage of your chance to lead – apply today!

Apply Online | Learn More
Questions: LeAnne Spell (850) 224-2727, Ext. 225 |

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State and Local Government Accounting Conference
Aug. 22-23, 2013
Orlando and Online

Register now for the conference that’s tailored to your needs as a CPA working in or with government! Hear in-depth updates on the Yellow Book and from the Office of the Auditor General, learn the best ways to approach accounting rule changes and sharpen your perception for fraud detection. 

You also will learn about these topics from public accounting experts, legal pros, GASB and GAO insiders:

  • State and Local Government Panel Discussion (2 AA)
  • Auditing Standards Update (2 AA)
  • Employment Law: What’s New That You Need to Know (1 TB)
  • Cloud Computing Governance (1 AA)
  • GASB Update (2 AA)
  • CAFR Presentation and Best Practices (1 AA)
  • And more

Register now for Orlando or choose the full-conference webcast option to earn up to 16 hours of CPE credit with the 2013 State and Local Government Accounting Conference. Save $55 with the early-bird price (not applicable to the webcast) when you register by Monday, Aug. 12!

Register Now | Webcast – Day 1 | Webcast – Day 2 | Webcast – Both Days | More Information | Brochure
Ask Us: Member Service Center (800) 342-3197 | (850) 224-2727 |

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University of South Florida Accounting Conference
Oct. 24, 2013

Join us for two days of quality CPE beginning Oct. 24 at the Tampa Airport Marriott. Learn the most essential topics pertaining to the accounting profession, such as Accounting and Auditing and Revenue Recognition and Leases. Plus, improve your efficiency and productivity with our economic forecast; suggestions for combating identity theft; and information about regional issues, such as managing BP Oil Spill Claims.

Become the best possible resource for your clients, build your network of area CPAs, learn new tips and save time and money – all while earning the CPE you need at this 16-hour accounting conference!

Register today to take advantage of early-bird pricing. Members can attend both conference days for only $420!

Register Now | More Information | View Brochure
Ask Us: Member Service Center (800) 342-3197 | (850) 224-2727 |

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Tech Tip: How Well Do You Know Microsoft Outlook?

Take this test and find out now!

  1. Is it possible to send an email message that updates the recipient’s calendar? If so, how?
  2. How many email addresses can Outlook manage?
  3. Can an email message be converted into a task? If so, how?
  4. When using multiple inboxes, how do you set a default?
  5. How do you send a contact’s information to another recipient as a business card?


  1. Yes, send a Meeting Request instead of an email. If your recipient accepts the meeting, his or her calendar (and yours) automatically will be updated.
  2. Unlimited. Outlook will retrieve and manage your messages whether you have one or dozens.
  3. Make sure your Task List is visible in your Mail window, then drag and drop the email to your Task List. If necessary, right-click the task, select Rename Task and edit the task verbiage.
  4. Select File, Options, Advanced, and under Outlook start and exit, browse for the desired folder.
  5. In Contacts (or People in Outlook 2013), select a contact from your Contact List. Then select Home, Forward Contact, indicate the recipient and send.

How did you do? To learn more about technology, the FICPA invites you to attend a technology course, conference or webinar; or get involved in the Business Technology Section and Listserv. Why not sign up today?

Look for the next issue of FICPA NewsFlash Aug. 22, 2013.

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