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Google Fiber flips the switch on super-fast internet in Salt Lake City - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Residents are invited to check whether their address is served by 1-gigabit service, which costs $70 per month.
Why Heath Ledger's Joker was the best Batman bad guy - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
No joke! A new video makes a convincing argument as to why the Clown Prince of Crime makes the perfect antagonist for the Dark Knight.
Can a social network curb racial profiling? - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Nextdoor became a magnet for racial profiling. An update aims to reduce such incidents, but what responsibility does the community message board have to do so?
Beware of moldy bagpipes: Doctors warn musicians of health concerns - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Players who don't regularly clean their instruments could end up suffering from "Bagpipe lung," according to a new case study.
No Man's Sky getting new PS4 patch this week - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The patch will fix about 90 percent of crashing problems, Hello Games says.
Americans say science is why they've given up religion - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Technically Incorrect: A new Pew survey finds that those who say they have no religion tend to cite science as one of the main reasons.
China's Mars rover concept looks like a butterfly - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
China plans to send an expedition to Mars soon, and it wants to land a very pretty rover on the surface.
Parents have little clue what their kids are doing online, study says - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Technically Incorrect: A Microsoft-sponsored survey suggests teens think their parents have little awareness of their online activity. And less than a third of parents suspect their kids have secret online lives.
Would you believe that Lincolns have the highest rate of owner satisfaction? - Roadshow - Aug 24, 2016
That's the case, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.
Giant butt-shaped aircraft crashes because butts weren't meant to fly - Roadshow - Aug 24, 2016
The world's apparently largest aircraft crashed during a test flight in England. But all the internet could see was that it looks like a heinie.
Hackers post 'Ghostbusters' star Leslie Jones' nude photos, private data - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The actor's website is reportedly compromised with hackers posting personal identification and private photos alongside racist commentary.
Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
CNET's Eric Franklin ranks all 13 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and asks that you please be gentle with your reaction. Updated August 24, 2016.
Fingerprint scanner scares refugees away from safe haven - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
In northern France, authorities and charities have built three refugee camps with different technology and philosophies. But their good intentions can easily be undermined.
What goes up, must come down: Domino tower gives it up to gravity - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
This colorful tower of dominoes was the third-tallest in the world, but something happened on its way to the top.
Fisherman reportedly kept $100 million pearl under his bed for 10 years - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The 75-pound natural pearl is now on display in the Philippines, waiting to be authenticated. It kind of looks like a shiny wad of gum.
Google's balloon-fueled internet venture gets a new leader - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The X research lab names Tom Moore the new general manager for Project Loon.
Free Xbox One/360 Games With Gold for September 2016 revealed - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Four more games coming for free to Xbox Live Gold members.
Here are all your Pokemon saying, 'YAS!' in character - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Bask in the jubilant absurdity of all your favorite Pokemonsters saying, "YAS!" in voices tailored to each character.
Her name is Rio and she dances on the stand: Kia heads to Paris - Roadshow - Aug 24, 2016
Oh Rio, Rio, dance across the Kia stand.
Halo 5's Forge Tools come to PC in September alongside new content for Xbox One - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Here's what you need to know about the big Halo 5 announcements today.
See a lot of Fallout 4 Nuka-World gameplay - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Watch this extended gameplay video to virtually go inside Nuka-World's post-apocalyptic amusement park.
Could life exist on Proxima b, the closest Earth-like planet in the universe? - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
A planet that could be Earth's cousin is circling the nearest star beyond our sun. Could Proxima b also host cousins of a different sort?
Hackers nab 25M accounts in another breach - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Two hackers were able to steal email addresses and easily crackable passwords from three separate forums in this latest hack.
Found in space: Planet Proxima b could be Earth's closest cousin - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
It's the biggest exoplanet news since the first one was spotted two decades ago. Meet Proxima b, the world beyond our solar system that future generations may visit one day.
Halo 5's Forge Tools come to PC in September alongside new DLC for Xbox One - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Here's what you need to know about the big Halo 5 announcements today.
Discovery of 'another Earth' revs plan for fly-by of laser-propelled spacecraft - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Breakthrough Starshot, the Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg-backed plan to send spacecraft to our stellar neighbors, has a new target, and it wants you to have the chance to glimpse it up close.
Google to demote sites that obscure content with pop-over messages - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Starting next year, Google's mobile search results will penalize sites using certain measures to cover up content. Expect web developers to respond with changes.
Triple threat: Ford issues three recalls for fuel pumps, power windows - Roadshow - Aug 24, 2016
Vans, SUVs, sedans and police cars are all present and accounted for in this latest triumvirate.
This Eleven figure from 'Stranger Things' needs to be real - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Toy maker Funko crafts an Eleven figure from "Stranger Things" in its signature Pop Vinyl style, complete with an Eggo waffle and bloody nose.
Google will soon crack down on mobile sites with intrusive pop-up ads - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The company on Tuesday announced two new changes to its mobile search function, including the cutting of its "mobile friendly" tag.
Proxima b, the closest Earth-like exoplanet, is real (pictures) - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The newly discovered Proxima b orbits Proxima Centauri, the nearest star beyond our solar system. Proxima b might host water and even life.
Best Buy's online sales soar despite competitors - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The retailer's second-quarter financial results reveal impressive online sales.
AAA study shows not every autonomous braking system is created equal - Roadshow - Aug 24, 2016
Despite some drivers thinking that all auto-braking systems work the same, AAA's study shows the reality of the situation is way different.
Volvo's Iron Knight is a 2,400-hp truck built for shattering speed records - Roadshow - Aug 24, 2016
It's broken multiple world records, yet its transmission is the same one used in Volvo's regular truck lineup. Not too shabby!
Blame it on the alcohol: Researchers discover how to recycle carbon fiber - Roadshow - Aug 24, 2016
Here is yet more proof that alcohol solves all sorts of problems.
Wil Wheaton talks growing up on Star Trek, as actor and man - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Star Trek's 50, Wil Wheaton isn't yet. The man who played "Next Generation" boy genius Wesley Crusher opens up about his favorite behind-the-scenes moments and which actor he never wanted to let down.
How Facebook censors your posts (FAQ) - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
High-profile videos involving the police and the black community have gripped the country in recent months. They've also put a spotlight on the confusing mess that is Facebook's censorship policies. We've put together the FAQ Facebook doesn't...
Exclusive film clip: Watch 'Snowden' demolish his CIA aptitude test - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Edward Snowden, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, demonstrates serious smarts in this scene from Oliver Stone's upcoming political thriller. Get a first look here.
Google extends Project Fi Wi-Fi technology to Nexus devices - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Starting today, Google Nexus users will be able to use key technology developed for Google's Project Fi Wi-Fi service on any carrier's network.
Baltimore police secretly using aerial camera surveillance, report says - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The Baltimore Police Department has been using an aerial surveillance system borrowed from the Iraq War, according to Bloomberg.
South Korea delays decision to share mapping data with Google - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The nation pushes back the deadline to November to respond to Google's request for mapping data.
Baltimore PD secretly using aerial camera surveillance, report says - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The Baltimore Police Department has been using an aerial surveillance system borrowed from the Iraq War, according to a report.
Dyson's hot and cool purifier is an air-pushing triple threat - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
We take a look at Dyson's all-new, extremely pricey purifying unit, the Pure Hot+Cool Link.
'Revenant' for kids: Honest Trailers praises 'Jungle Book' remake - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Honest Trailers takes a critical look at the movie's lush CGI moments, deep plot points and celebrity voiceovers.
You blew it, ​Ashley Madison: Dating site slammed for security 'shortcomings' - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
An investigation into the Ashley Madison hack finds that the site's owners "fell well short" of protecting customer privacy, but the 36 million members of the dating site probably already knew that.
YouTube's TV app gets a facelift - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Google's massive video site adds carousels, more recommendations and further categories so you can browse clips without awkward remote searches.
Spending too much? This high-tech handbag locks up your wallet - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
The iBag 2 concept knows when and where you're likely to overspend.
Apple under Tim Cook: A nicer company, but a better one? - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Cook hits his five-year anniversary as CEO on Wednesday. CNET takes a look at how Apple has changed during his tenure.
Ever wanted to make your own phone? Cyrcle shows you how - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
A Kickstarter campaign will teach you how to build a working 3D-printed phone of your own.
Former Apple Music employee bashes Spotify, Tidal and cheap fans - CNET - Aug 24, 2016
Sean Glass, who was involved in Apple's exclusive launches by big stars like Frank Ocean, says Tidal gives "zero value" and Spotify leaves indie labels "powerless".