Google+ Now Allows Anyone to Email You, Here's How To Opt Out

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Google recently announced that Gmail users will be able to email all of their Google+ connections, even if they don't have their email address. The feature is currently being rolled out to all Gmail users. What does this mean? Well, if someone has you as a connection on Google+, you will appear in their To field when they search for your name, whether they have your email address or not.

However, they can only email you once and, if you click on Report Spam, that's the end of the conversation. Messages will go to your Social tab, so this might be a good reason to enable tabs, if you haven't already done it.

This definitely should be a feature that you should be able to opt in to, rather than having to opt-out. This seems like a ripe opportunity for your inbox to be inundated by messages you have no desire to read. However, you can control who's allowed to email you, and it's an easy process.

Disable Google+ Connections Gmail

Log in to your Gmail account on your computer and click the Settings (gear icon) option on the top right side of the screen.

Gmail opt out of Google email

You should be in the General Settings area. If for some reason you're not, click the General link at the top. Then scroll down until you find the Email via Google+ section.

Gmail opt out of Google email

Once you've found it, you'll notice that it's set to Anyone on Google+ which means anyone from the social network can send you a message. Click the dropdown and select who you want to get emails from – Anyone on Google+ (not recommended, in my opinion), your Extended circles, your Circles, or No one at all.

Gmail opt out of Google email

After you've made your choice, don't forget to scroll all the way down and Save changes.

Gmail opt out of Google email

What's interesting is that this feature could be useful if there was an option to select certain circles on Google+ to email you. For example, if you have a circle which only includes potential business partners, you might want to get emails from them, but not the rest of your circles. We already have far too many emails to deal with already, let a lone from strangers.

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LAST UPDATED 1/20/2014