Selecting a Review Team

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As you begin completing the scheduling form, one of the most important decisions you will make will be to choose the review team that will best accommodate your firm's needs. When making the review team selection, certain issues should be taken into consideration.

The type and size of the firm you choose should be similar to your practice unit in order to provide you with an effective and efficient review. Check the reviewing firm to find out if it has the necessary experience in the industries that you practice.
Also, you may wish to check other qualifications of the reviewing firm (e.g., how many years of auditing and accounting experience, and how much review experience they have).

After choosing a qualified firm, you will need to discuss fees. Actual reviewer time and fees may differ. The time required to perform a review depends on the number of accounting and auditing hours of the firm, the number of professionals, and the firm's degree of compliance with its quality control procedures.

The last step in determining a qualified firm is to check the availability of the review team members and agree upon a compatible time to begin the review.

To schedule your review, follow the instructions on the Review Process Page.