FICPA Emerging Leaders

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FICPA Emerging Leaders is a leadership program for young CPA professionals that are passionate about the CPA profession and their local communities.

There are two elements within Emerging Leaders for young CPA leaders to engage with one another and be exposed to the issues driving change within the profession and the state.

The first, and available to all young CPAs to attend, is the Emerging Leaders Summit. For two days, attendees will interact with leaders in the state’s Capital and learn from a nationally recognized leadership development specialist.

The second element, the Emerging Leaders Program, has limited admittance and candidates are selected by the FICPA and Young CPA Committee. This program convenes young CPA leaders in each region of the state and provides programming that intertwines leadership development skills and insights from local leaders on issues impacting the community.

FICPA Emerging Leaders Mission

To foster the growth of the next generation of CPAs as leaders by providing experiences and insights designed to elevate them within their organization and communities.


Emerging Leaders Summit 2017


December 5 – 7, 2017

The Emerging Leaders Summit brings together young CPAs from all across the state for a two-day experience that focuses on the future of the CPA profession in Florida and enhancing their leadership skills.

Attendees will be welcomed to Tallahassee by the FICPA President/CEO and hear about the current state of the profession. During the day, you will have the opportunity to engage state lawmakers on the issues impacting the profession, attend legislative committee meetings, and tour the beautiful state Capitol. Several of the CPAs serving in the legislature will also meet with the group to discuss the profession and what they have experienced as leaders within their communities.

On an adjoining day, you’ll get to spend time with other young CPAs developing your leadership skills in a full day seminar with Dan Griffiths, CPA, CGMA, certified in Strategic Planning Facilitation and Leadership Development through the Business Learning Institute. In the past, he has covered such topics as how to adapt to and capitalize on the profession's shifts and how to improve your busy season.

This 2017 Emerging Leaders Summit will be held on December 5 – 7, 2017, in Tallahassee, and the topics will focus on how to capitalize on the profession’s monumental shifts while giving your career a boost. This annual, two-day event is designed for members only, who are age 35 and under. The leadership seminar is will qualitfy for 8 Behavioral CPE credits

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FICPA Emerging Leaders Program


Emerging Leaders Program is six regional one day events throughout the state occurring in August and September 2017. Those selected should plan to attend one, in their local region. The second part of this program will be the Emerging Leaders Summit in Tallahassee in December.

During each regional session, participants will interact with community and state leaders about the issues impacting their communities and profession. Each regional session will focus on key issues that are specific to the region while intertwining leadership skills and development insights from local leaders.

Additionally, participants of the Emerging Leaders Program will attend the 2017 Emerging Leaders Summit – a two-day summit that enables participants to interact with YCPAs from across the state and focuses on the future of the CPA profession in Florida and enhancing their leadership skills.

The experiences participants have during the program will provide them with the opportunity to build relationships across the state, become engaged with local thought leaders and empower them to become a leader within their organization, community, and the CPA profession.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • FICPA YCPA member (35 years old or under)
  • An “Active” CPA License

Regional Session Dates:

  • Region 1: September 12
  • Region 2: August 30
  • Region 3: September 7
  • Region 4: August 23
  • Region 5: September 19
  • Region 6: August 10

Don't know your region?

For questions or additional information, please email

Additional details will be posted in the Fall of 2017 on how to apply for the 2018 Emerging Leaders Program.