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The FICPA serves your needs at a local level through its 27 chapters across Florida. These chapters are further grouped into six geographical regions. Each region and the chapters within that region hold and promote programming of local interest and provide a conduit for communication with the FICPA leadership. Regional and local chapter members also provide locally elected representatives to serve on the FICPA Board of Governors.

Benefits of Participation

  • Networking
  • Continuing Professional Education
  • Leadership Opportunities

Chapters are an integral part of the Institute and facilitate networking and educational opportunities for members throughout the state. Local chapters provide an excellent opportunity for members to develop leadership skills by taking an active role in both the Institute and the profession. Members are kept abreast of chapter activities and programs through the FICPA website, chapter-specific newsletters, and e-mail.

Upcoming Chapter Events


04/27/2017 Southwest Florida - Attorney & CPA Networking Cocktail Party - SW042717 Naples
04/27/2017 West Coast - After Tax Season Social- Brio Tuscan Grille - WC042717 Tampa
04/30/2017 Sailfish - Learn at Sea Cruise - SFCRUISE Merritt Island
05/03/2017 Sailfish - Revenue Recognition - Selected Implementation Issues - SF050317 Ft Pierce
05/03/2017 N Dade/S Broward - CPE/Dinner Meeting Social Security/ACA Compliance/Fitz - GO050317 Ft. Lauderdale
05/05/2017 N Dade/S Broward - Tax Roundtable: May 2017 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO050517 Ft. Lauderdale
05/05/2017 FICPA Educational Foundation Suncoast Scramble - EDFSUN-P Oldsmar
05/09/2017 Tallahassee - Assessing IT Controls for a Financial Audit - TA050917 Tallahassee
05/11/2017 Polk County - Ballgame/Officer Elections/Working with Athletes - PC051117 Lakeland
05/11/2017 Broward - MAP Breakfast Meeting Thursday, May 11, 2017 - BO051117 Ft. Lauderdale
05/17/2017 Sailfish - Revenue Recognition - CIRA Industry - SF051717 Palm City
05/18/2017 North Central - Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs (4980) - NC051817 Gainesville
05/18/2017 N Dade/S Broward - Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs - GO051817 Ft. Lauderdale
05/23/2017 N Dade/S Broward - MAP Roundtable: May 2017 - Jack Fintz, CPA - GO052317 Ft. Lauderdale
05/23/2017 Miami-Dade - Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs (4980) - DA052317 Coral Gables
06/01/2017 Polk County - June Meeting - PC060117 Lakeland
06/02/2017 N Dade/S Broward - Tax Roundtable: June 2017 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO060217 Ft. Lauderdale
06/15/2017 N Dade/S Broward-Industry Roundtable June 2017 - GO061517 Ft. Lauderdale
06/27/2017 N Dade/S Broward - MAP Roundtable: June 2017 - Jack Fintz, CPA - GO062717 Ft. Lauderdale