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Deadline Extended Due to Hurricane Irma

The FICPA Mentoring Program is an initiative of the FICPA’s Women in Leadership Committee and is OPEN to ALL FICPA MEMBERS, regardless of gender. Mentoring is for everyone and works best when it includes a diverse cross-section of our professional members.

Mentoring doesn’t require a large time commitment—only 30 minutes per month.

We’ve heard your feedback and have made the following changes to the mentoring program for the 2017-2018 fiscal year:

  • New Matching Process – Prospective mentors will submit applications and their profiles will be posted online in an anonymous format. Prospective protégés will review the mentors’ profiles online and submit their top choices with whom they would like to be matched. The Mentoring Subcommittee will do their best to accommodate protégés’ mentoring match requests on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Helpful Materials – The Mentoring Subcommittee will post reference materials online that will be helpful to establish a productive mentoring relationship.

 This year’s program will feature the following sign-up and matching process and timeline:

Mentoring Sign-up And Matching Process Timeline

Protégés Sign-up note:
* The Protégé will indicate in their sign-up form their preferred mentor choices based on their review of the Mentor Profiles that will be posted in the FICPA website.
* Mentor choices are not guaranteed; however, qualified Protégé and Mentor matches will be done on a first-come, first-served basis so we encourage Protégés to sign-up as early as possible in September!

Note that this timeline is based on estimated timeframes. If there are any changes, we will communicate these in the FICPA Mentoring Program Website and other correspondence.

What To Expect After Matching / Mentoring Starts


By September 29th, 2017 Qualified Mentor/Protégé matches will receive an e-mail from the FICPA with their respective contact information.

What is the first step?
  • First, mentors and protégés will establish contact (preferably the first week of October). If you have any difficulties making contact with your mentor/protégé, please email our FICPA mentoring contact Debra Kelly ( Debra will be sure our FICPA subcommittee follows up to confirm the contact information is correct and up to date with FICPA records. As a reminder, be sure your FICPA membership is current for the upcoming year.
  • Scheduling of mentoring meetings is up to you and your mentoring match. The commitment you have made is a minimum of 30-minutes of contact each month from October until June 30, 2018 (approximately 4.5 hours of time for the duration of the program).
  • Surveys will be sent to all participants midway (January-2018) and at the end of the program (July -2018) that will gather feedback on how the program is working/has worked. You are encouraged to participate and answer the surveys with complete candor as the comments will help guide and shape the next mentoring program.
Tips for initial meeting:

Be prepared to establish the relationship by getting to know one another. Conversation starters could include sharing background and experiences, career satisfactions, career frustrations, and skills used on the job. Consider and summarize goals and expectations of the mentoring partnership, as well as logistics and frequency for how and when you will connect.

For a successful mentoring partnership:
  • Establish boundaries for open and honest communication
  • Maintain professional behavior
  • Avoid stereotyping, generalizing, or assuming your mentor or protégé will not understand your perspective
  • Maintain records of activities and career growth
  • Meet regularly, but be flexible
  • Review the guidelines for the program and expectations of mentors and protégés summarized on the FICPA website
  • Develop a Mentoring Partnership Agreement
  • Create and continually update a Mentoring Action Plan
Let the mentoring begin!
  • Meetings will be taking place from October 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 as scheduled and agreed by the matched participants!

We wish you success and thank you for your participation.