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FICPA Listservs

Welcome to the FICPA Listservs. The FICPA Listservs are members-only email discussion groups designed for interactive discussions with your peers. Our Listservs are designed to improve communication among like-minded members, offer a forum for exchanging ideas, and allow you to benefit from the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of your peers. 

Subscribe / Unsubscribe From Listservs

Click here to subscribe/unsubscribe to the various FICPA Listservs.

By registering for a FICPA Listserv, you are stating that you have read and are agreeing to adhere to the FICPA website policies.

Listserv Tips

To sign up for a FICPA Listserv, go to Join a Listserv and select the boards you are interested in. You can modify your choices at any time.

Website/Listserv Policies

By registering for a FICPA Listserv, you are stating that you have read and are agreeing to adhere to the FICPA website policies.

Getting Started

Go to Join a Listserv and select which topic boards you would like to participate in. You can choose as many as you like. Many of the Listservs you select will offer multiple boards – these are boards with a more specific interest (i.e. Florida Industry offers Construction, Human Resources, Economic News and more).

Once you have joined, when you send a message, also referred to as making a post, to this board, every Listserv member of that board will receive and have the opportunity to reply to your post. You will receive Listserv posts (messages) via the email address associated with your FICPA website username (update your personal profile here). Your physical email address will not be viewable or accessible to any Listserv member – they will only see the FICPA Listserv email address.

Once you have been registered, you will see a list of boards on the FICPA Listservs web page. When you click on one, it will take you to that Listserv’s list of boards for a more targeted network of professionals.

Read below for tips on how to customize this experience.

Specify Your Mailing Preferences

The Listserv program allows you to personalize how you receive posts (the email messages) in three different options:

Non-Digest - This format sends individual messages as they are posted. This format is best if you want to participate in discussion topics on a real-time basis. This method is also referred to as “Notification.”

Digest - This format saves a day’s-worth of messages from that Listserv board and sends them to you in a single email message. The digest email you will receive provides a list of all message subject lines for a quick overview. This format is best if you want to read the discussion in its entirety, wish to only respond occasionally or prefer only one email per day per Listserv. This method is also referred to as “Mailing List.”

Digest/Zipped - This format creates a digest and then compresses it into a standard ZIP file, which is sent once a day as a file attachment. You must be using an email program that handles attachments and have an unZIP program (such as WinZip) to open the file. This format is useful if the discussion topics have high volume and you want to get messages as compactly as possible. This format is also useful if you simply want to archive discussion topic postings.

See below for instructions on changing your mailing preferences:

  • On the FICPA Listservs web page, click “Options” on the right, under the search field.
  • Click “My Profile.”
  • Click “Edit Profile.”
  • Scroll down to the Digest option and select the radio button to choose: Non-Digest, Digest or Digest Zipped (descriptions of each are described above).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the web page and click “Update”.
How to Switch Boards

To change to another Listserv board, use the Go to Board dropdown and make your selection.

How to Post a New Topic

If you wish to post a message that doesn't relate to an existing topic, you can start a new one.
To post a new topic, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the desired Listserv Board
  • Click the Board name link (listed under "All Available Boards") to reach that targeted network.
  • Click on the Listesrv name (listed under "Board")
  • Click the orange "Start New Topic" button on the top right hand side.
  • Enter the topic in the Subject field. Use a descriptive subject, but keep it short.
  • Type your message. Please remember the FICPA website policies agreed upon when joining the Listservs.
  • Click "Check Spelling" at the bottom right of the message box should you choose to review your post.
  • If desired, you may attach a file to your post.
  • When you’ve completed your message, click "Post Message"
Replying Privately to Messages

When you prefer to send a message to only the original author of a message, the Listserv program lets you reply privately. However, If a message was posted anonymously or the author has checked Hide My Email Address on his or her user profile, you can not send a private response.
To reply privately to a post, you must be in the subject feed of one topic. From there:

  1. Click “Reply” on the bottom right of the message you wish to respond to (each post in a topic will have its own “reply” option.
  2. It is recommended to keep the original subject.
  3. Choose your preferences from Watch this Topic, Anonymous and Add Poll.
  4. You will see the original post in a yellow text box.
  5. Type your reply in the Message box.
  6. Click “Post Message.”
Searching for Messages

The Listserv lets you search messages for words and phrases or by author's name or email address. This featured allows you to choose which discussion topics to search and limit the search to a specific date range.

Click the “Search” link within the Listserv of interest. It is a blue text link above the Go to Board drop-down menu. Here are tips for the Search options:

Search For

  • To search for a specific word, enter the exact word you want to search in the Search For field. For example, work matches work; it will not find workbook.
  • To search for all words or phrases that contain a word, add an asterisk (*) before and/or after the word in the Search For field. For example, work* matches work and workbook.
  • Search for a phrase by enclosing it in parentheses.


  • Select All Words to view messages that contain all the words you entered in the Search For field.
  • Select Any Words if you want to see all messages that contain one or more of the words you entered in the Search For field.
  • Select Author Username to find message from one Listserv user.

To limit the search to specific discussion topics, select the topics to search in the Conferences List (conferences refer to the different boards within a Listserv, i.e. Construction under the Florida Industry Listserv)

All Boards?
If you choose to search all of the boards within that Listserv, check this box.

My Profile

You can update many parts of your listserv profile such as your Bio, Signature, and Profile Image on the My Profile page. Follow the instructions below to access this area.

  • On the FICPA Listservs web page, click “Options” on the right, under the search field.
  • Click “My Profile.”
  • Click “Edit Profile.”
Listserv Etiquette

Here are a few things to think about when posting:

  • Include an electronic signature for each posting (include name, affiliation, location and email address).
  • Use a specific and concise topic for the subject line.
  • Include only relevant information in the body of the message. Remove any headers or footers.
    Post a message to this discussion board only if everyone will benefit. Otherwise, use your email program to send messages to interested parties.
  • Carefully proofread posts prior to posting - check English, spelling, and grammar; remove all ambiguous and offensive material.
  • Don't reply with “thank you” or “me too” responses. Send those directly to individuals, and not the entire Listserv.
  • Do not send administrative emails, such as “remove me from the list,” to the listserv. You may manage your listserv mailing preferences as described above or unsubscribe form the listserv here. Email for assistance.