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The FICPA serves your needs at a local level through its 27 chapters across Florida. These chapters are further grouped into six geographical regions. Each region and the chapters within that region hold and promote programming of local interest and provide a conduit for communication with the FICPA leadership. Regional and local chapter members also provide locally elected representatives to serve on the FICPA Board of Governors.

Benefits of Participation
  • Networking
  • Continuing Professional Education
  • Leadership Opportunities

Chapters are an integral part of the Institute and facilitate networking and educational opportunities for members throughout the state. Local chapters provide an excellent opportunity for members to develop leadership skills by taking an active role in both the Institute and the profession. Members are kept abreast of chapter activities and programs through the FICPA website, chapter-specific newsletters, and e-mail.

Upcoming Chapter Events

10/28/2014 Miami-Dade - Management Accounting and the Small Business / Avoiding Litigation Risks by Maintaining a Proper Client Acceptance Process - DA102814 - DA102814 Coral Gables
10/28/2014 N Dade/S Broward - Map Roundtable: Oct 2014 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO102814 - GO102814 Ft. Lauderdale
10/28/2014 YCPAs - (Tallahassee) Happy Hour with the Young CPAs - YC101614 - YC101614 Tallahassee
10/28/2014 YCPAs - (Reg V & VI) Happy Hour with the South Florida Young CPAs - YC102814 - YC102814 Ft. Lauderdale
10/30/2014 Miami-Downtown - FICPA Chair Visit and Scholarship Presentation - MD103014 - MD103014 Miami
10/31/2014 Central Florida - Student Field Day - CFSFD14 - CFSFD14 Orlando
11/01/2014 ATLANTIC - FAU Homecoming Tailgate - AT110114 - AT110114 Boca Raton
11/04/2014 Gulf Coast - Estate & Gift Planning for International Clients - GU110414 - GU110414 Sarasota
11/05/2014 YCPAs - (Reg III) Annual Fall Networking After Hours - YC110514 - YC110514 Tampa
11/05/2014 Emerald Coast Chapter Breakfast CPE - Money Laundering Red Flags - EM110514 - EM110514 Destin
11/05/2014 N Dade/S Broward - Final Regulations Governing the Tax Treatment of Tangible Property/ FICPA Chair Update/ Accounting for Fraud Investigations - GO110514 - GO110514 Ft. Lauderdale
11/06/2014 Polk County - UPMIFA & Accounting of Scholarships Awarded to Students/ Bankruptcy Issues and How to Assist Your Client - PC110614 - PC110614 Lakeland
11/07/2014 N Dade/S Broward - Tax Roundtable: Nov 2014 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO110714 - GO110714 Ft. Lauderdale
11/17/2014 YCPAs - (Reg V & VI) - Professional Development Seminar - YC111714 - YC111714 Ft. Lauderdale
11/18/2014 Jacksonville - Joint All-Day CPE Event with St Johns River Chapter - JX111814 - JX111814 Jacksonville
11/20/2014 N Dade/S Broward - Industry Roundtable: What Every Accountant Should Know About Business Valuation - GO112014 - GO112014 Ft. Lauderdale
11/20/2014 Central Florida - The Crazy Eddie Fraud / The Black Art of White-Collar Crime - CF112014 - CF112014 Orlando
11/25/2014 N Dade/S Broward - Map Roundtable: Nov 2014 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO112514 - GO112514 Ft. Lauderdale
12/05/2014 N Dade/S Broward - Tax Roundtable: Dec 2014 - Raul Serrano, Jr, CPA - GO120514 - GO120514 Ft. Lauderdale
12/24/2014 N Dade/S Broward - Map Roundtable: Dec 2014 - Mark Bernstein, CPA - GO122314 - GO122314 Ft. Lauderdale
05/18/2015 Sailfish - Learn at Sea Cruise: 4 CPE Topics (book cruise separately:RCCL) - SFCRUISE - SFCRUISE Merritt Island