Ballot Initiative/Constitutional Amendment Reform

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Vote Smart Florida

In 2005, legislation was filed in both chambers to reform the ballot initiative process and only one will be seen on the November 2006 general election ballot. If approved by Florida voters, this constitutional amendment would allow voters to determine whether they would like amendments to the constitution to pass by a 60-percent vote versus the current 50-percent plus one.

During the 2006 legislative session, the FICPA has been supportive of HB 773 by Rep. Dudley Goodlette and SB 1244 by J. D. Alexander relating to petition fraud. We attended over 10 meetings to discuss constitutional amendment reform and met with nearly 30 legislators regarding the issue. SB 1244 when heard in Criminal Justice was voted down and then brought up for reconsideration, which means that it has most likely died in the committee process. However, on Tuesday, March 28, SB 720 sponsored by the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee and Chairman Bill Posey, was unanimously voted out of the committee. This bill contains similar language as SB 1244 relating to the signature gathering process. At its next committee stop, SB 720, was voted unfavorably when it was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee and, therefore, has also died in committee.