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High School Coordinator

We are looking for FICPA members, like you, to share your story with students and educators throughout Florida. There are over 600 high schools in Florida with students interested in math, business, accounting, and economics. Many of these students have an affinity for numbers and problem-solving and are interested in business, but few know about the career opportunities available within the accounting profession.

Please consider becoming the High School Speaker (HSS) for a specific high school (or several) in your area - as you're a valuable resource to the school's academic programs! Your primary role as a HSS is to become involved with and establish a long-term relationship with the school, but other duties include:

  • making at least one career and/or financial literacy presentation each year;
  • meeting the key faculty (heads of math, business, guidance, accounting and economics) and letting these faculty know what you have to offer; and,
  • assisting in other ways such as judging student competitions, serving on an advisory board; offering support to business/accounting clubs.

The FICPA will support you with resource materials, educator contacts when available, free advice, and a mentor from the Accounting Careers Committee.

Apply today—find an available high school. Then make this the place to obtain resources and give us feedback as you promote the profession of Accounting to the students of Florida!

Become a Speaker!

As a High School Speaker, you are expected to promote a positive awareness of the accounting profession among high school students and their teachers. 

  1. Build a relationship with your school.
    • Encourage high school teachers/administrators to use the Accounting for Success program as a resource for presentations and other events.
  2. Have contact with the school.
    • Identify the person within your school who will be your main contact and advocate.
    • Check in occasionally with your main contact person and other teachers/administrators.
    • Work with your main contact to identify the optimal classes and clubs and the teachers responsible for those to reach the target market of college-bound students in each school.
  3. Provide accounting career information.
    • Provide resources and the most accurate information about the accounting profession to guidance counselors, teachers, and students.
    • Make presentations, participate in career day or career fairs, arrange job shadowing.  (Get assistance from other CPAs/peers as necessary).
    • Keep the overall focus - address the importance of the accounting profession, teach basic financial literacy, clarify common misconceptions, and highlight career paths within the accounting profession.
  4. Be accountable.
    • Assist the FICPA in finding a suitable replacement for yourself if you are no longer able to work with your assigned high school.
    • Keep an Activity Log and be able to communicate and post reports on-line to the FICPA.

HSS Application (pdf)

Program Overview (pdf)

Directory of Speakers for Teachers

If you need a speaker for a presentation, consult the FICPA Speakers Directory.  The directory is updated daily, and includes names of FICPA members who have volunteered to speak to students. You can search for speakers by county, FICPA chapter, or by name.

School Information for Volunteers

Volunteer speakers can view a current list of the high schools and Academy of Finance programs in Florida. Also, if you are interested in becoming a speaker for a particular school, you can see if one is available in your community.  If you know of any new schools or AOF programs in your area that are not on these lists, please notify us at!

Volunteer Resources

Below are additional resources to support you in your role as a volunteer.

Presentation Materials

Thank you for volunteering! Below are downloadable materials on accounting careers and financial literacy arranged by school level.