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Seminar Days are Back in Orlando


Seminar Days are designed to meet the needs of your busy schedule, offering timely CPE courses, a variety of topics and great networking opportunities – all in your area.

Date Credits Event Title Location Course Type
06/25/2018 8.0 AA Comprehensive Accounting Issues of Estates and Trusts: Fiduciary Accounting and Tax Issues (FACT10 ) Orlando CPE Seminars
06/26/2018 8.0 TB This Year's Best Income Tax, Estate Tax, And Financial- Planning Ideas (IEFP10 ) Orlando CPE Seminars
06/27/2018 2.0 AA / 6.0 TB Florida Sales and Use Tax Issues (SUT20 ) Orlando CPE Seminars
06/28/2018 8.0 AA Integrating Audit Data Analytics into the Audit Process (AUDA10 ) Orlando CPE Seminars
06/29/2018 8.0 AA Annual Accounting and Auditing Update (AAUA05 ) Orlando CPE Seminars