Image: 29th Annual Accounting Show

Annual Show Committee

We would like to thank the 2013-2014 Annual Show Committee® for the hard work and dedication to the certified public accountant profession. The volunteers selected each year make our conferences, as well as our association, better for everyone, and are vital to the success of events.

Committees work closely with FICPA staff to plan and execute conferences, such as this year's Annual Accounting Show®, and provide members with the education and resources they need.

  • Poornima Srinivasan, Chair
  • Randee M. Abramson
  • Lynn H. Clements
  • Joseph T. Cote
  • Richard M. Dotson
  • Gary A. Fracassi
  • Lucinda L. Gallagher
  • John G. Gould
  • Paulette M. Holder
  • Paul F. Imboden
  • Denis A. Kleinfeld
  • James M. Luffman
  • Roger L. Michels
  • Mario R. Nowogrodzki
  • Pat Patterson
  • Hudson Robillard
  • Richard L. Shapiro
  • Barbara S. Withers