FCT Editorial Calendar

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Cover Story
  • 2013 ATRA (Health Care Act)

Technical Articles
  • S Corp Update
  • Preventing Tax Fraud & Identity Theft
  • Collections 
  • Streamlining Initiatives
  • *International Compliance

Space Reservation Date: 11/15/2013
Ad Materials Deadline: 11/22/2013


Cover Story
  • Virtual CPA Offices and Telecommuting
Technical Articles
  • Ensuring Your Financial Future

Space Reservation Date: 1/15/2014
Ad Materials Deadline: 1/22/2014


Cover Story
  • Legislative Session 2014
Technical Articles
  • Motivating Auditees to Address Audit Findings

Space Reservation Date: 3/15/2014
Ad Materials Deadline: 3/22/2014


Cover Story
  • Meet New FICPA President Jeff Barbacci
Technical Articles
  • Desperately Seeking CIRA Advisors
  • Fraud Affecting CIRAs

Space Reservation Date: 5/15/2014
Ad Materials Deadline: 5/22/2014


Cover Story
  • The Final Years: Assisting Clients with Elderly Parents

Technical Articles
  • Paying for Long-term Care
  • Elder Financial Fraud Update
  • Estate Tax Compliance Issues Affecting Non-resident Aliens

Space Reservation Date: 7/15/2014
Ad Materials Deadline: 7/22/2014


Cover Story
  • Mobile Security
Technical Articles
  • BYOD: Bring Your Own Device – or Disaster?

Space Reservation Date: 9/15/2014
Ad Materials Deadline: 9/22/2014

*Scheduled for publication in the Web Digest section of Florida CPA Today.

The 2014 Editorial Calendar is subject to change. Please visit www.ficpa.org throughout the calendar year for updates. For more information, contact Florida CPA Today Editor Suellen Wilkins at (850) 224-2727, Ext. 383, or wilkinss@ficpa.org.